Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PSA: The Difference Between Domestic Partnership and Marriage

Must see, must pass on videos of straight couples denied equality to make the point that domestic partnerships are NOT equal to marriage.

(In Spanish - En EspaƱol )

H/T to Unite The Fight.

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Anonymous said...

When I hear this arguments I think "a better law of domestic partnership is needed." For instance, in Andorra the first case doesn't happen. In a domestic partnership registered in Andorra, the widowed is granted the right to live in the common home for a year and inherit in the same terms that a spouse. And w.r.t. adopting your own children, it would never happen in Spain, where biological parenthood is independent of marriage. And, if we talk about stepchildren, marriage doesn't solve anything. In Spain, the wife of your mother is your stepmother, not your mother, even if you was born inside marriage by means of fertilization. If she wants to be your legal mother, she must adopt you.

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