Thursday, March 12, 2009

Treat Gays More Humanely in India Petition

A cellular phone company in India has an innovative campaign called 'My Idea' and lets users express themselves on a variety of topics. One such petition is calling for gays to be treated more humanely within the country.

"It is high time we treat members of the gay community with more respect. Often, I notice they are harassed at railway stations and work places. We should be less homo-phobic and treat them better, cause they are human-beings too! Choose "Yes" if you agree"
The high court in India should deliberate shortly on whether to continue the section of the penal code 377 which criminalizes consensual sex acts deemed "against the order of nature" which has been used against the LGBT community. India is an interesting country, made up of many diverse minds, and as of late has been making progress, ie: creating a helpline for queer women. The country still needs to act to ensure federal protections for its queer citizens nationwide.

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libhom said...

That petition's goal applies in to so many places.

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