Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boycott Jamaica!

There have been increasing calls from gay rights groups about boycotting Jamaica over its fiercely homophobic culture and the violence and danger faced in the country by gays and lesbians as well as gender variant people. The Jamaican tourism industry has been ignoring the cries of human rights and LGBT rights activists who are demanding change in the country.

The violence is staggering, people are being murdered or beaten on an almost weekly basis, and the musical lyrics are blatantly anti-gay and violent.

Tourism accounts for 1/3 of all employment in Jamaica, let the tourism officials know you will spread word to boycott Jamaican travel and goods until they do something to combat hate crimes against Gay citizens.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see this alert on your blog and others but I don't know why major GLBT groups have not endorsed this boycott. Where is the Human Rights Campaign or Task Force when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Jamaica runs these beautiful ads "Come to Jamaica and be all right" what a lie. Jamaica had a terrible record when it comes to the LGBT community. This is nothing new. I have seen programs where in some places gays are forced to climb up trees to save their lives only to the tree set on fire. Any TV station accepting their ad money should be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

I really am glad to see this on your site!! I have often wondered how the tour groups ie: Olymoia cruise, RSVP, etc. could even justify going to the Carribbean and Jamaica. I also saw an ad on LOGO tv [ gay television station] to "come to Jamaica and be alright!" How can they accept their money to place and ad and condem money to Prop 8? If we are serious about Gay rights..or are we more serious about what lines our pockets?

Anonymous said...

I would also encourage the HRC to demand that the state department list a warning against any GLBT from going there, that is the least they can do..

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. When people are gay-bashed in San Francisco, which is probably more common--though less expected--than places in the Third World, you don't tell them, "Boycott San Francisco" or "New York City" etc etc etc. So this argument is very simple minded, racist, and DOES NOT HOLD water. I wish that queersunited would just get it.

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