Friday, February 27, 2009

TransAction Day 2009

TransAction is a national day to encourage dialogue about gender, gender roles and the full range of gender identities, and to advocate for inclusive, safe schools for all students.

The 2007 National School Climate Survey, a national study of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) found:

85.1% of transgender students reported being verbally harassed based on their sexual orientation and gender/gender expression

96.1% of students heard negative comments related to students’ gender expression

38.4% of students reported feeling unsafe at school because of their gender expression.

Transgender students reported experiencing higher levels of harassment and assault related to various personal characteristics than other students.
GLSEN is encouraging people to celebrate, educate, and advocate on behalf of transgender people.

To sign up or to see the resources available, please check out TransAction Day!


Anonymous said...

While not to minimize or trivialize the harassment and discrimination faced by trans students, why is it that so little attention is paid to the harassment and discrimination faced by trans EDUCATORS?

Anonymous said...

I agree that both are discriminated against. I think the Trans and Queer community are some of the most discriminated individuals in our society. While I support gay men, I really feel they haven't done all they can to equality help the rest of the lesbian, Gay, and Queer community. As a lesbian I often feel oppressed by Gay Patrichary and have listened to openly gay professors make a mockery of LBTQ people and marginalize the Queer community by only empowering a "gay" agenda. It really empowers inter-group conflict which stems from bigger problems such as misogyny and even the DSM diagnosis of "Gender Identity Disorder." I do have to say that I like this blog b/c it does seem to be inclusive, but groups such as HRC still ghettoize / marginalized people based on gender expression and a polarized "movement." :( I think we should all have equality and screw the identity politics which are used to divide us!

Queers United said...

I agree more needs to be done for trans teachers too, but I'd imagine a safe school and accepting environment for trans students would also affect the teachers. If faculty is safe towards trans students, they will be to trans faculty.

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