Monday, February 23, 2009

Urgent Alert: Help Pass Civil Unions in Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee

The Hawaiian Senate Judiciary Committee meets tomorrow morning to vote on whether the entire senate should vote on the civil unions bill.

The six Senate committee members appear to be deadlocked on the bill, as Sen. Robert Bunda, considered the swing vote, announced that he will vote against it.

The expected count has Sens. Brian Taniguchi, Dwight Takamine and Clarence Nishihara in favor and Sens. Bunda, Mike Gabbard and Sam Slom opposed. (Star Bulletin)
Senator Bunda has stated he is open to recognition of same-sex couples, but he feels this legislation is a move to bring HI closer to gay marriage, while Senator Slom is completely opposed on the grounds that only those who can procreate should have access to the institution of marriage.

Please email ALL 6 senators and explain why they should vote in favor of civil unions. The list starts with the most crucial, those who are currently opposed.

Senator Robert Bunda [OPPOSED]

Senator Sam Slom [OPPOSED]

Senator Mike Gabbard [OPPOSED]

Senator Brian Taniguchi [SUPPORTS]

Senator Clarence K. Nishihara [SUPPORTS]

Dwight Takamine [SUPPORTS]

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