Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nearing an Aloha for Civil Unions?

The Hawaii House has passed a civil unions bill and now the bill moves up the way for a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee where the fate of the legislation is uncertain.

Please contact members of the senate and urge them to support civil unions. A full list of senators can be found here.


Anonymous said...

"Civil Unions" are institutionalized discrimination, and we should therefore oppose them.

Anonymous said...

Your "Civil Unions" are the thing that all other straight married couples have that allow them specific marriage rights. Religion does one part and the government does another. That's how it is we don't live in a theocracy where all marriage has to be religious. If you are that afraid of being discriminated against you should climb under a rock and stay there because even if we still get our rights to marry there will still be those in the United States that will discriminate against us same as black people, asian people, arabic people, and women. People have the right to discriminate in their minds but not out on the field and that's what we're fighting against. Next time don't bring logical fallacies to the table unless you're looking to get shot down.

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