Friday, February 20, 2009

Save Sexuality and Gender Studies Petition

Lawmakers in Georgia and Florida are using 'budget cuts' as an excuse for a witchhunt--targeting sexuality, queer and women's studies courses and cloaking a moral agenda as a fiscal decision.

We need to act now to protect the integrity of scientific research and the importance of sexuality and gender studies--including those who do sexuality work in complementary programs like anthropology, gerontology, sociology and ethnic studies.The work of these researchers and academics contributes greatly to a healthier sexuality for all of us, preventing disease, addressing stigma and promoting lifelong sexual literacy with accurate, science-based evidence.

For more information and to sign the petition please access the link below:


Anonymous said...

Penn State Univ. has done this as well. As a grad. student there I watched how discussions on sex and gender were quickly marginalized and controlled by people willing to up hold an agenda focused on binary politics, patriarchy ,and nationalism.

Penn State’s Gay community has also taken an active role in marginalizing the Queer agenda and identity to empower Gay male patriarchy.

T. R Xands said...

I know my school (East Tennessee State University) basically had to beg for a women's studies program, which the professors (from other departments) basically teach on their own time. And now it's looking a little rocky since we've had some big budget cuts. It's really sad.

I just want to throw out to anyone that if your school does carry gender & sexuality studies please support them if you're able, they really are great & important subjects.

Anonymous said...

In your mind a witchunt, the fact of the matter is that our national economy is in a recession. With economic downturns come cut backs, elimination of programs as well as other not ideal consequences. Florida to this point, is debt free, something not many other states or organizations or families for that matter can claim. When it boils down to it, governments on the city, state and federal level need to cut back on things to either remain out of debt or not go so far into debt. Bottom line, as a current university student, woman studies, gay studies and sexualities courses are not as critical as political science, law, medical, math and english departments. Its just how it is, if you feel so strongly about it, you fund them!!

Anonymous said...

This is a witch hunt against sexuality studies.

Haven't you seen the video of the GA representative saying that colleges shouldn't be allowed to teach about "controversial human behavior" (she's talking about homosexuality).

The social sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, human development) and the humanities (history, religion, art, literature) are ALL about studying ALL forms of human behavior.

This is an attack on academic freedom, free inquiry, and a robust exchange of ideas.

T. R Xands said...

What the fuck Anon? Gender & Queer studies aren't as important as what? I'll tell you, plenty of people feel that way about English departments. Why are we only attacking these two subjects, why not get rid of anthropology, religion, english, and all those other worthless topics in the interesto of saving money? People that think this way just make me ill.

Anonymous said...

Well yes right wing troll, I can see how not being gay or a woman you could think that, but answer me this, have you ever before felt strained about upkeeping your masculinity? Have you ever wondered why it is that you sometimes feel inadequate when compared to sports stars or black men? Have you ever been attacked by other men for being a "pansy"? Have you ever felt self-conscious about letting yourself get really mushy with your girlfriend, because that was kinda gay?

Then you directly need the work and focus of these departments in every college in America. It also is crucial to get an idea of what is actually going on in these communities and what history has been ignored in the main history books. But then, somehow I suspect the love of pursuit of knowledge and the desire to have our knowledge base be as true as possible to reality are not considered very important to you.

In that case, I ask you, do you like the current economy?

Those who do not value history, real genuine history, are doomed to repeat it.

Sorry, I may be a biologist, but I hate this whole "real knowledge" thing that gets set up. "The humanities", the common perjorative, isn't, and just because some people are too dumb to understand anything more complex than, I put the chemical in and it changes color, doesn't make it suddenly useless. Thinking critically, thinking creatively drives 100% of all innovation.

Anonymous said...

To Cerberus,
Firstly I am a woman!! Secondly assuming that the pursuit of knowledge is not important to me is ridiculous. If that were true I would not be seeking a degree, I would just work at burger king. Thirdly the current state of our economy has nothing to do with history, it has everything to do with the fact that Clinton lowered the standards to get a loan, not having to prove your income, you could lie, not having to put anything down on your home. This combined with individuals not being responsible and spending more that their income allowed is the reason for the recession. And I completely agree thinking outside the box is what drive innovation, I have not a clue why you would wrongfully assume that because I believe during a recession we must eliminate the unnecessary that would mean I do not support creative minds.

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