Friday, February 13, 2009

URGENT: Ask President Clinton to Respect the Manchester Hyatt Boycott

President Clinton is scheduled to give a paid speech this Sunday at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego to the annual convention of the International Franchise Association. Doing so will violate a union boycott and labor dispute -- the workers at the hotel lack job security and the housekeepers face onerous workloads.

But that's not all. President Clinton will also be offending supporters of marriage equality. Doug Manchester, the owner of the hotel, contributed $125,000 in early seed money to the Proposition 8 campaign.

We can't let this happen. President Clinton has the power to move his speech away from the Manchester Hyatt. And you have the power to convince him before it's too late. Please sign this petition to President Clinton immediately and the Courage Campaign and UNITE HERE will do everything in our power to get your signatures to him ASAP:

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Anonymous said...

The speaker doesn't control the venue.

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