Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anti-Gay Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle Replaced By Pro-LGBT Jack Seiler

Jack Seiler has won the position for Fort Lauderdale mayor in what looks to be a major shift in policy with regards to LGBT issues. The former mayor Jim Naugle was staunchly anti-gay accusing the gay population of high rates of public sex and promiscuity, when the actual police record showed very few arrests of gay people for such behavior, numbers on par with arrests of heterosexuals involved in such activities.

Jack Seiler was not endorsed by gay groups, there were 2 other openly gay candidates running, one was Earl Rynerson who was unfairly scrutinized by Fox News.

The shift in power appears to be positive with the new mayor saying "one can look to his 8 year record to see his support of the LGBT community," he goes on to say he strongly supports domestic partnerships and gay adoption rights, calling the idea that gay couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt "ridiculous."

Jack Seiler's message to the LGBT community:

Video of Jack Seiler addressing anti-gay Jim Naugle's comments:


Anonymous said...

Here in Florida you would think we could pull off some great help for the gay community! there's just too many party boys and not enough voters

Unknown said...

There is a large group of people that vote in the Ft Lauderdale community as well as those that both party & vote!~

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