Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is The Tyra Banks Show Promoting Bi-phobia and "Ex-Gay" Myth?

Tyra Banks often has gay people and stories on her shows, which can be seen as positive. As of late however the topics seem to be getting more offensive. In the past few months, the Tyra show seems to be giving a lot of airtime to debating whether sexuality can be changed, and to insinuate that orientations like bisexuality are fake!

A recent poll on Tyra Banks website called "Flip the Gay Switch?" asks whether viewers believe it's possible to stop being gay. Is it appropriate to even ask this question in light of scientific findings that one cannot alter their orientation? How about some reverse psychology, is it possible to stop being straight, or any of the other reverse questions heterosexuals should ask themselves?

Also caving into bi-phobia is another poll question asking about the reality of bisexuality. Titled Bisexuality: Real or Bogus? The question alone is highly offensive, it not only insinuates that this orientation is not valid or legitimate, but it also goes so far as to suggest that bisexual identified people are liars.

The Tyra Banks show has received praise from this blog for her past commitment to accurately portraying the lives of LGBT people. But with the recent polls above, and other shows seeking "ex-gays" or programs on people who "hate being gay" and want to change, one seriously needs to re-evaluate whether Tyra Banks is just aiming for shock-value and ratings, and taking advantage of the LGBT community.

Tell Tyra Banks to use her show to accurately and positively discuss LGBT people as she has done in the past, and not to go for unscientific and offensive programs such as "ex-gays" or questioning of whether bisexuality is real.

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X said...

I think the definitive question here isn't whether the questions are portraying a negative image, (after all it's about what people THINK before hand) but whether myths are dispelled in examining what people think. are the shows dispelling myths?

Sabertooth Screaming Lemur said...

If it's got questions up like "Bisexuality: Real or Bogus?"
...I'm thinking they're not working too hard to dispel many myths.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is not the title, but the content. A title like "Bisexuality: Real or Bogus?" may attract more people than a bi-positive. The synopsis of the movie "Bi the way" was of the same questioning kind, although the movie is pro-bi in fact.

planet trans said...

Let me check, yea I still like men and woman! I guess Tyra is scratching for controversy probably because of a lack of scratch.

Diane J Standiford said...

I saw those shows, there was "showing facts" or any thought to science. She gave the, "Oh?" face to her questions, just having bi and "former gay" people on. The shows were total crap. What has happened to her? Question: Do you think Tyra is really a drag queen? AArrggh I can't stand to watch her show now.

Anonymous said...

I think she hides the fact she's a Lesbian ??

43iurgndjs said...

As a self-indentified bisexual, I don't consider myself to be lying about my orientation. I do not, however, think you're interpreting her intentions the right way. The greater the focus on the LGBT community, the more she exposes people who might not have the opportunity to learn about it. I think she has done a very good job, in fact, of presenting her opinions in a way that is easily accessible to her viewers- her pro-gay attitude isn't so overwhelming that is causes those who disagree with her to immediately flip the channel. After all, just because someone has media influence doesn't mean they fulfill their civic obligations to society. Just this week she did a show about straight girls making out with one another for attention- and criticized their behavior. That is one thing that has always really annoyed me, and to see a public figure questioning the reasoning and motive behind it is refreshing. She was, incidentally, not judging them for acting in a "bisexual" manner, but for using the implications of their sexuality as a means of getting attention from men.

Jo said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish if the both US media and politicians could give us a break! all of us!
It is quite frustrating that gay rights in some places in the USA still haven't moved a single step for decades. people appear in media talking about homosexuality as a disease to be cured, gay people are concentrated in some places where they can have some power like in San Francisco yet the advantage is lost in other places where gay people can't even come out.
The AIDS relief program of George W Bush, the conservative disaster, got LGBT individuals in Uganda a very tough law with a death penalty!
and now, even Tyra Banks is starting to lobby for Narth and other radicals... This is indeed such a bad news!

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