Saturday, June 28, 2008

New York's Working Families Party Gives Green Light to Marriage

The ever growing Working Families Party in New York has come out in support of Marriage Equality as a basic civil right. The WFP is primarily concerned with labor issues and has used their political clout to get the Democrats to focus more on issues of importance to them. This endorsement of marriage equality is another sign that New Yorkers are ready for equal marriage rights for LGBT people. More on the story here...

Contact the WFP and thank them for coming out in support of Marriage Equality for LGBT people.


Sh@ney said...

Nothing like this is happening over here. At least not in the majority of capital cities.

I hope for the sake of other countries the American people can be that shining beacon of hope we all need to shape a better future for the LGBT community.

Best wishes and I hope for success in the coming months!

Queers United said...

shaney my suggestion would to keep calling and writing your representatives. hand written letters are most effective!

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