Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hold Fox News Accountable for Gay-Baiting

On the front page of the Fox News website there is an article titled "Sex Rights Brawl Slams Vatican." This is in reference to the recent protesting over the Vatican's decision to oppose a U.N. global decriminalization legislation which opposes imprisonment and the death penalty for gays.

This is not a "sex rights" issue, this has nothing to do with sex, people are being imprisoned and killed due to homosexuality regardless of whether they were discovered engaging in sexual relations or not. This has to do with human rights and human dignity. This has to do with right not to be imprisoned and executed based on ones identity.

Under that article is another titled:
"Vatican Sucked Into Sex-Rights Culture War" it seems Fox News has sex on their mind, even though the issue here has nothing to do with sex.

The two articles below that have zero to do with the U.N. legislation and are just further used as a fear tactic to make gays seem radical, outlandish and potentially morally reprehensible. The articles are titled "Same-Sex Marriage Backers Urge Workers to 'Call in Gay'", "Group Plans 'Pink' Christmas: Two Josephs, Two Marys."

It is wrong and unfair of Fox News to misrepresent the truth and to gay-bait.

Tell them to be "Fair & Balanced" on issues pertaining to gay rights.

Click here to contact Fox News.


Anonymous said...

Some of us are radical. Of course we only demand what is rightfully ours, equal protection under the law.

Anonymous said...

Fox has really pushed the idea of a "culture war" with gay people as the enemy. They are really pushing this so it must be good for their ratings. It is very irresponsible I think. I want equal rights and protection. I'm not trying to destroy christianity, I don't even care about christianity anymore.

Anonymous said...

Jesus advocated for the powerless and those who were most disenfranchised by social injustice. I think he would be on our side, in fact I feel Jesus was gay and effeminate! Go Jesus and screw the phonies!!!!

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