Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love is Love - Comedic Short Film On What It's Like to Feel As An Outsider


Renee said...

I posted this awhile ago because I think it really makes heterosexuals put themselves in the position of the gay community in terms of understanding just how ridiculous homophobia is. I really hope that when people watch this the visual will help them clue in to their privilege in terms of the way heterosexuality is normalized whereas homosexuality is routinely defiled.

Anonymous said...

I like this but I'm worried about how some straight people will view it. This is straight people's fear. They actually think that everyone will turn gay if we stop discriminating against those in the GLBT community. They don't want to become the minority and this video feeds into all of their fears, well the stupid ones anyways.

Let's see more videos about how it would be if everyone actually didn't care about people's sexual orientations and it wasn't a big deal to correct someone when they assumed you were gay/straight or whatever.

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