Friday, March 13, 2009

Be Queers United Friend on Twitter!

Twitter is a social networking site allowing users to send and receive updates known as tweets to people on their friend list. The site has become increasingly popular for personal use, and for bloggers, organizations, and corporations.

Queers United is on Twitter as well, add us to receive status updates with all the latest activist postings, send us your tips for stories, and share your thoughts!

Also, feel free to post your twitter url in the comments section for readers to add.


T. R Xands said...

I'm having a braindead moment, I knew you were on twitter but no Facebook group? I just remember...talking about it...although being on twitter accomplishes much of the same thing.

Queers United said...

Yeah no FB, I tried myspace it kinda was boring nobody really uses it much anymore. I'll consider FB, I dunno, it's just annoying as you have to accept each request. Twitter makes it kinda easy.

Queers United said...

Add me people!

I am becoming a twitwhore lol.

Anonymous said...

shameless self promotion. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now... if only I could become one of the twitter pros.

Queers United said...

What defines a twitter pro, you have a nice following larger than most, so you are a twitter pro :)

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