Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anti-Gay Hate Group Allowed on U. Hawaii Campus

University of Hawaii students have been verbally and emotionally harassed by an outside group that has been flown in to the state to use scare tactics due to the students overwhelming support for a civil unions bill.

A mainland U.S. christian hate group calling itself Bema Ministries turned up on the campus last week to preach, harass, photograph, and intimidate students at the Campus Center. They will be there this coming week as well. They showed up on the University of Hawaii's Manoa campus, screamed at students for a few hours on Wednesday, got kicked out because they didn't have a permit, and then returned with a permit issued by the university chancellor the next day.

The student code of conduct expressly forbids hate speech yet this non-student group came on campus and not only made anti-gay statements, but told Hawaiian students that the sovereignty movement was idolatrous and evil, and told Buddhist students they would burn in hell. The main course of hate was reserved for UH Manoa's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex students (Pam's Houseblend).
Counter protests are being planned, a sit in at the Chancellor's office is also expected until these demonstrators leave.

This is unacceptable, that a non-student, non-Hawaiian hate group is allowed to come onto a campus to harass students. Please contact the chancellor immediately to revoke their permit to enter the campus, this is a safety issue, as well as a violation of the universities principles.

Chancellor's Office
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
2500 Campus Road
Hawaiʻi Hall 202
Honolulu, HI 96822

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Anonymous said...

Copy of the letter sent to the UH Chancellor's Office:

To Whom it may Concern,

THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII student code of conduct expressly forbids any form of hate speech, yet the UH Chancellor's Office has seen fit to issue an all access permit for the UH Manoa Campus to a non-student group, who's sole purpose for being on campus seems to be to confront and possibly incite UH students, the group is screaming hateful inflammatory anti-gay statements at students, telling them their sovereignty movement was idolatrous and evil, and even telling students of the Buddhist faith they'll burn in hell. The groups main course of hate looks to be reserved for the UH Manoa's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex students.

This is a serious safety issue for all UH students and is absolutely unacceptable, it is also a violation of the universities principles. Why would a non-student, non-Hawaiian hate group be issued an UH campus access permit?

Please revoke this groups UH campus access permit effective immediately, and have them removed from all UH campus property. If this group attempts to enter any UH campus property without a proper permit, I suggest you have them arrested, jailed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Again I remind you this is a very serious student safety issue, and a violation of the universities principles.

T. R Xands said...

It's just freedom of speech everyone *rolls eyes*

That is horrible. What the hell is that campus thinking?

Anonymous said...

Oh I like imakinsey6's idea. You could also liquefy some of the more nasty lures too.

But I'm more of the school where I'd like to develop the Martian skills found in Stranger in a Strange Land. Just twist them into nothingness.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! What the hell is going on with



Merlyn said...

The sick fucks shouldn't be allowed on public property to harass students. I don't give an airborne copulation about "free speech". There are limits on free speech and hate speech should be excluded from free speech protection. WHY is it that other countries can do something about this and yet this country allows this hate to be spewed at LGBT people?

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I'm not all that surprised. Hawaii has been regressing since SSM was dashed to the ground (in 1993, I think). I don't know what the hell the U. was/is thinking, but this just seems par for the course. My gut says the climate is the result of the near-wholesale takeover of the islands by a certain church, if you catch my meaning.

Anonymous said...

hawaii, land of hate

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