Friday, March 27, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Life Partners"

"Life Partners" are people who have committed to one another in a relationship that is usually romantic but can also signify a close friendship.


Anonymous said...

Nice term, but I'm still in search of a more 'stronger' term with regard to the strength and impact that heterosexuals have when they're in committed relationships and monogamous marriages. No one seems to take them for a joke when they say things like "he's my husband or she's my wife". Others around them simply know that it's for real and mostly for a lifetime. With homosexuals, heteros tend not to take us and our long-term relationships seriously, which is one reason why we can't seem to get same-sex marriages passed as a human right in America.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ray that is true but also not that even though heteros wouldn't seem to take a gay marriage seriously I think some of the heteros don't take their own marriage seriously you hear all the time people getting divorced after 1 year of marriage or 2 years of marriage sometimes even after a few months of marriage.

Anonymous said...

I like the term...That is what my husband
and I are...Even though we don't always see
eye to eye...We are commited to each other and
we will always be...



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