Sunday, February 15, 2009

Praise Massachusetts Representatives for Moving Towards Transgender Equality

On Wednesday, legislation to ban discrimination against transgender people in Massachusetts was introduced with 104 original co-sponsors, including majorities in the Senate and House.

The legislation has more original co-sponsors than any other bill introduced this session of the legislature.

An Act Relative to Gender Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes adds gender identity and expression to non-discrimination laws covering employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations, as well as to hate crimes statutes.

We are one step closer to passing this critical legislation. But there is still work to be done.

If your legislator signed on to co-sponsor the bill please call and thank them for their support of equality, the list can be seen here.

You can call your legislator at 617-722-2000 Monday-Friday between 9 AM-5 PM.
Click HERE to find your legislators.


planet trans said...

Thank you for posting this QU! It's awesome that Massachusetts laws may soon become inclusive of all GLBT people.

Anonymous said...

Also, thanks from one of your harshest critics.

I should nitpick just a bit tho. You are not showing the trans flag, as I hope you meant to, but instead the Bi flag.

In Mass they already have theirs. So go here for the correct flag...kthxbi.

Queers United said...

yea i meant to put the trans flag thanks for realizing

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