Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Demand Wal-Mart Support GLBT Employees

The worlds largest grocery retailer, Wal-Mart has been fairing well in this fragile economy where consumers seek out lower prices. GLBT employees among other groups of workers at Wal-Mart's stores are not being given the fair end of the deal.

While Wal-Mart had been seen as LGBT supportive in the past, they have more recently caved into demands by the anti-gay religious right as evidenced by a Wal-Mart Watch report on GLBT policies at the mega-chain.

  • Wal-Mart no longer funds GLBT groups; stating that "they do not wish to support or oppose highly controversial issues."
  • No same-sex Partner Benefits ie: healthcare, and other benefits.
  • Gender identity/expression not included in non-discrimination policy.
Walmart's major competitors offer these benefits, and it's time Wal-Mart help clean up their image, and promote diversity as well as support their employees regardless of creed.

Take action by contacting Wal-Mart to add protections for gender variant people.

E- Contact Form

Phone: (1-800-WALMART)

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716


elizabeth-carrie said...

I wrote a blog post about Wal-Mart awhile back. I will share some of what I'd said before here:

Wal-Mart is a horrible corporation. I have a problem with Wal-Mart's business practices. They treat their employees poorly (low wages, inefficient healthcare, unsatisfactory working conditions, etc.) and they discourage the idea of unionizing. Additionally, they're very "pro-censorship" as far as what music, movies and book they carry. These aforementioned things aren't the American way.

Or are they?

I've been to Wal-Mart three times in my life. That is 3 times too many. The last time I was there the only kinds of people I saw were overweight and drab looking slobs pushing around their carts packed to the brim with processed food and other carb-filled, calorie-filled, preservative-filled, shit-filled thing you can think of. No vegetables. No fruits. Nothing worthwhile and good for the body and mind.

I pride myself on shopping at the local markets in my neighborhood and leaving with loads of vegetables and fruits and organic items. And if I should happen to be 50 cents or a dollar short, they simply tell me to pay them back when I can, that they know me and that I'm there often and they trust me. And it's all super cheap. Oftentimes I leave the store with 3 full bags in my hand and I've spent only $10. I live in NYC so markets like these are plentiful. I enjoy buying fresh chicken and fish and the odd and rare cheeses from time to time from markets who aren't sellouts. Wal-Mart is a store who wants to sell me all the crap they can for the lowest price possible. Forget about quality and forget about satisfaction. I'm never stepping foot in that store again as long as I live.

Anonymous said...

Wal* mart is disgusting, and most LGBT people have more class then to shop there. Wal*mart should be boycotted, completely. I don't care it the economy is bad, I can find low prices elsewhere, without supporting an evil anti-gay corporation.

Anonymous said...

I understand why you wouldn't want to shop at Wal-Mart because of the low quality items and to protest against their lack of GLBT policy and other issues....But you sound so judgemental of the people that do shop there. For many people, Wal-Mart is their only option. Poverty issues are just as important as GLBT issues. I'm sure many of Wal-Mart's consumers would rather shop at local markets and buy fresh, organic food, but reality is that many people can't afford to live like that. Judge the corporation, not the people who have to shop there....

Patrick Garies said...

... or the LGBT people that work there. Unfortunately, the little people have little to no power in these mega-corporations and "class" takes a back seat when necessity and major inconvenience is involved.

That said, I do most of my non-consumables shopping elsewhere, although I have bought LGBT-themed DVDs (e.g. Queer As Folk and Shelter) through their Web site. Their site has a much larger selection and stuff that you probably won't find in their physical stores (which may be interesting to the person who made the "pro-censorship" comment).

(Also worth noting is that the logo in the feature picture hasn't been in effect for awhile. They ditched the smiley face for the "spark".)

Anonymous said...

Why should wal mart allow for a specific gender, be it of hetero or GLBT persuasion, the opportunity to flaunt and or openly disclose their sexual pride or preference to the public within the confines of a privately owned business? Is the need for attention that grand as to have to perpetually flaunt ones M.O. in the face of society? A majority of the populous does not support such scenes when out in a place of business and with their respective families. If one wants such expression, one tends to take the higher road and disclose those issues in the privacy of their own lives i.e., home. Wal Mart has a moral and ethical obligation to its customers, and venders, to protect the rights of all who shop with them and place the same expectations on all group, not affording one particular group the benefit of, what would be considered inappropriate behavior by a rational individual, to take place within their facility. Wal mart position on this matter must be strong firm and just, distributing equal responsibility and expectations on all patrons, groups, and charities.

Anonymous said...


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