Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet Norman

Born Different is an ad campaign from the Gill Foundation out of Colorado. The Gill Foundation gives millions of dollars a year to great causes/charities around the US.

Norman is a dog that doesn't bark - he "moos". Watch it to understand and visit for more information and share this educational website with friends!


Anonymous said...

That dog is too cute. The moo surprised me even though I knew it was coming.


Queers United said...

haha ceara isnt he adorable? check out the site there are more videos with that silly mooing dog.

Sofia said...

The dog's definitely cute. One of our cats actually squeaks, rather than meowing.

I've always found the argument about whether people are born into their sexuality to be potentially quite dangerous*. For instance, assume we can "prove" that 90% of gay people have no choice in their sexuality, but 10% don't show any sign of having been born gay and yet still identify as gay. If our argument is "we deserve these rights because we're born this way," does that 10% not deserve the same rights because they might have had a choice? Whether identity is a choice or not isn't important. The important fact is that we all deserve these rights.

It also lends to a lot of arguments about reprogramming. If we currently lack choice, but could be given that choice by gene therapy, drugs, or brainwashing, then the intolerant will say there's no reason to give us rights. We'd just need fixed.

All that said, if the victories it can win us are greater than the risks posed by the ideas being turned against us, I'm all for it. We just need to examine the potential problems with any such argument before jumping headlong into it.

*Disclaimer: I'm not assuming you're making this argument, but the Born Different site seems to lean on it pretty heavily.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I want the mooing dog. :) Thanks for sharing it!

T. R Xands said...

I loved that, you can get people to do anything you want with cute animals! :D

Queers United said...

Seth I think you make a valid point and we need to push for equal rights on the basis of biology but also on the basis of because its the right thing to do and so regardless of biology/genetics/environment LGBT people deserve fairness.

Queers United said...

I love Normon, I want to adopt him!

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