Sunday, November 23, 2008

No MILK For Cinemark!

The CEO of Cinemark, Alan Stock, donated $9999 to the Yes on 8 Campaign, but will now profit from showing MILK in his theaters.

As of sunday evening, they have exceeded 1,000 facebook members who have joined the cause!

But it’s just a start—we need to keep going to make the biggest impact we can. Our new goal is 10,000 members—This is aggressive but we think it’s possible. Let’s keep it going!

Boycotts work. A boycott of a Sacramento theatre company resulted not only in the resignation of a Yes on 8 contributor,
but a public apology and donation to Human Rights
Campaign! We can do this again.

You can find an alternative theater using the links on the left, and join our facebook group below to spread the word!

Check out the No MILK for Cinemark campaign, for fliers, facebook group, gay-friendly theaters, and ones to avoid who donated to prop 8.


Anonymous said...

OK, lets think this through a minute. MILK is a movie that will help to EDUCATE the public about LGBT people in a positive way. Do we really want to discourage cINEMARK from showing it? In our area there are no other choices than CINEMARK. This is the kind of action that could very well negatively backfire and ultimately hurt us

Sofia said...

Anon: Note, though, that the site says "If you have a choice, go somewhere else." They seem to recognize that supporting the film is more important than proving a point and they give several links where people can look up showtimes at other theaters.

Unknown said...

I am torn because him making money from a movie about who are could actually help the cause...then again I don't want to give funds to someone like that...

Queers United said...

Anon - I hear what you are saying, at the same time anyone who would be willing to boycott cinemark over Milk prob is already on our side, and wouldn't need the education necessarily.

Seth - I noticed that they provide alternatives but aren't encouraging a boycott if that is the only option.

thegayte - I don't know if it will change his mind, apparently Cinemark was one of the first to show Brokeback and apparently that wasn't enough to make him realize gay people are relevant and deserve dignity.

Ily said...

Thanks, I didn't know this. Luckily, there's a bunch of other theaters in SF. But in the rest of the Bay Area, it's pretty much all Century (part of Cinemark), I had no idea it was such a monopoly! Yuck!

Diane J Standiford said...

Build it and they will come. In Seattle it will open to rave reviews; in the best theaters. If the Oscar buzz is serious, the $$ will grow, that is a good incentive to the most homphobic.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find an organized picket of the Century 9 theaters in SF on opening day Weds. Does anyone know if there will be an action?

BrooklynRider said...

Since this report speaks directly about the movie "MILK" and its relevance to today's issues, it seems worth remembering Milk's own feelings with Proposition 6. He felt that, if Prop. 6 was passed, that the gay community would rise up in an angry and perhaps violent offensive that would have been entirely understandable. The unfinished business of Milk's time is still affecting us today and it this generation's responsibility to carry it forward.

We are not in the midst of a polite debate. We are not haggling over a trinket in a foreign bazaar. Prop 8 singles out gays. It strips them of rights. It undermines the very foundations of the Constitution of the country - which has no relationship to biblical belief or religious fanaticism. If gays are going to be singled out through the passage of this proposition, then the supporters of it should expect to be targeted themselves. If they are in positions of power, such as CEO of Cinemark, then the foundations of their power ought to be attacked and brought down.

Cinemark is fair game as is the Mormon Church. We are not engaged in a friendly disagreement. These people have mobilized to strip Americans they don't like or respect of their civil rights. That's not politics. That is war. Gays have learned how to fight back and we ought to throw our full fury at individuals who funded this fight against us AND their power bases - period.

Civil Rights or Civil War. Gay Rights Now!

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