Friday, November 21, 2008

Violence Inciter "Bounty Killer" Granted Visa by U.K.

Anti-gay reggae artist Bounty Killer is seen below saying violence inciting homophobic commentary. He says such things as "faggot, I kill every one of them", and "queers must die."

The U.K. has granted him a temporary visa and he is set to perform a show this Sunday at The Stratford. The police say the show will go on unless there is a riot which puts the public in danger, gay activists are afraid to protest the show due to unforeseen violence.

Human rights activist Peter Thatchell has been arguing against hate inciting violence for years now saying that: "There is a clear correlation between murder music and homophobic violence, especially in Jamaica, where the release of anti-gay tracks often coincides with a rise in queer-bashing violence." (Pink News)

Mr. Thatchell is urging us to contact the Jamaican High Commission in the United Kingdom.

1-2 Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BZ
Tel: 44-(0)-207-823-9911

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Anonymous said...

Could anyone else not understand a word he was saying? I maybe got 1 out of every 10 words.

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