Saturday, November 15, 2008

Join The Impact - National Protest Against Prop 8!

On Saturday November 15th cities in every state across the nation will be protesting the passing of proposition 8 which eliminated same-sex marriage in California. Find the protest location nearest you, or organize one yourself! The website also provides, media relations, badges, protest signs, videos and more. Get involved in demonstrating the power of equality across the nation this Saturday.

Join The Impact!

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure do hope this type of thing can make a difference! I mean, is there anyway to overturn the voters decision to ban same-sex marriage in CA.? I am pretty discouraged... there has got to be SOME hope!

Willie Hewes said...

Make more noise. Let people know that this fight isn't going to go away. I wish I could come to protest, but I'm in the UK. I drew two pictures that you're free to use in protests. Find them here:

Good luck, and yes, there is hope. Mob rule does not equal democracy. The Supreme court might see things that way.

Mewi said...

The supreme court can still overturn the voters decision, probably for multiple reasons. 1. The polls were to close to really reject people's rights. 2. It is separate and not equal. 3. A great deal of lies and extortion took place with the campaigners of Proposition 8.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Elton John will be labeled as a bigot and hater now? I know many gays here in the US that share the same view as him.

I guess the requirement for getting labeled as a liar, bigot and hater is simply to be a traditional Christian?

Hope4Equality said...

You're anger regarding Prop 8 is certainly understandable and reasonable. What is not reasonable is your focus on the Mormon Church. The frustration should be focused on the State. This is a constitutional issue not a voting issue. The Church has the same rights as everyone else in this country. Note - I am not Mormon. I simply ask that individual rights be respected. I don't concur with their beliefs but they are entitled to their beliefs just as the g/l communities are entitled to theirs. Please read my blog concerning this issue:

Warmest Regards, Hope4Equality

Diane J Standiford said...

Seattle is ready.

Queers United said...

How was it Diane, everyone else?

I had so much fun holding up my sign and demanding equality, got quite a few honks and slurs of fag but oh well.

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