Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld Spews Out More Queerphobia

Greg Gutfeld who runs the Red Eye show on Fox News is no stranger to controversy. A year ago he engaged in trans bashing against Thomas Beatie the "pregnant man" as seen here and here.

So did Mr. Gutfeld learn his lesson, when he faced criticism by us and many in the LGBT community? Nope.

In his latest show he takes a plug at Barney Frank (D) the openly gay congressman from Massachusetts.

"Look, I don’t dispute that aliens exist, but there are more urgent matters to deal with, other than wrinkly creatures with a knack for anal probing. But enough about Barney Frank...I couldn’t resist."
Below is a video account of the segment.

Contact Fox News and Red Eye and tell them to stop their Homophobia!


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Anonymous said...

Fox news network has become more and more anti-gay rights and anti-gay humanity. We are dehumanized as animals on the Orielly show, we are the enemies of the rest of the world in his "culture war". I don't know if it will stop as they are giving red meat to their core audience.

Queers United said...

Brian - Fox is all about gay bashing, it gives them higher ratings, sadly I don't see it stopping any time soon.

Anonymous said...

As much as I sympathize with gay rights activists, I find events such as this unhelpful. Sometimes a joke is just a joke and, let's face it, Barney Franks' actions to the detriment of our economy make him an absolutely justified target.

The joke hey made wasn't homophobic. Making jokes about a straight senator having coital sex would not be heterophobic. When you have a compulsion to feel victimized, everything seems hateful and bigoted, but this was just a joke about a public figure whose homosexuality has been public for years and his varied and unsound relationship choices have called him into question (i.e. that prostitution ring his boyfriend ran out of his house and the fact that he had a conflict of interest when he was dating the head of Fannie or Freddie while he was on the committee that oversaw them).

So, in short, let's not make a mountain out of a molehill. There are plenty of legitimate issues facing the gay community without victimization addicts making more.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for giving us all an articulate account of what constitutes an appropriate reaction to Greg Gutfeld's comments.

Please give us all a complete listing of what kinds of comments we should be outraged by and which ones we should just absorb.

Personally, I don't want to be called a victimization addict so having a such a list would be easier than forming and expressing my own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Btw, all he did there is say that someone who was gay liked to have gay sex. That doesn't seem that out of the ordinary.

CityIsLynn said...

I think the show is f'ing hysterical! If you don't like it, DON'T WATCH! That's all there is to it!

Anonymous said...

oh please, it was just a joke, and a brief one at that where he didn't elaborate on mr. frank's sexuality it was just pun a play on words. why do gay people make such a big deal about straight people making gay jokes or jokes about gay people? i have gay friends that make far worse gay jokes to themselves than anything that iv'e heard come out of a straight person's mouth. so its ok for a gay person to make a horribly insensative but funny gay joke or joke about a gay person, but not for anyone else? i dont think so. maybe before trying to censor the rest of the world you should try cleaning up your own camp then we can talk. but then again you won't be able to but in the end words are just that-words. "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but word will never hurt me."

Anonymous said...

If you watch that show regularly you'd realize that it's pretty damn gay friendly... what you are commenting on is the fact that the show is brazenly egalitarian in who it targets with their particularly irreverent style of humor.

Lighten the hell up.

Anonymous said...

@James Matthews
Without wanting to take sides on the show as a whole as I've only watched it a couple of times, I think there is a difference between gay people making gay jokes an straight people doing the same, just as a black person calling his homies 'nigga' is different from a white person using the word to insult a black person.

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