Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stop the Transphobia on MSN Lifestyle!

In article called "Pop Go the Weasels" by Jason Daley of MSN Lifestyle, he writes about the 10 worst fatherhood role models.

In this article he lists Thomas Beatie the pregnant transgender man, as the third worst possible father figure.

"3. Thomas Beatie
Teaching kids about sex is tough enough. But when this bearded, deep-voiced transgendered Oregon man popped out a bundle of joy earlier this year, our jobs as fathers became even more complicated: "Sit down, son. I need to talk to you about the birds, the bees…and the trannies." Oof."
First off, where does Mr. Daley get off judging someones parenting skills whom he doesn't know. Second his use of the transphobic word "trannies" is unacceptable. It is people like Mr. Daley that make fatherhood more "complicated" because they impose their own notions of gender identity on society.

Got something to say about it? Email MSN Lifestyle.


Sabertooth Screaming Lemur said...

Wow, that guy's a JERK! I'm emailing!

Queers United said...

yea it is ridiculous, and the Beatie's seem like such a great family!

Nicky said...

I don't find it offensive. It's their right to say what ever he wants to. If you don't like it, don't read it then.

Anonymous said...

Its his opinion, so what, im gay and im not offended by it. Actually I dont like Thomas Beatie, it seems he enjoys being popular than being really a mom or dad.

Anonymous said...

Even though I am a gay man, I really don't understand what the big fuss about Thomasine Beatie is. As long as SHE has all the reproductive organs of a woman..SHE IS STILL A WOMAN!!! A woman with a beard! This is not a man that just delivered...IS A WOMAN. The day Thomasine decides to fully get rid of her vagina..uterus etc. and delivers a baby then call it a miracle. All she wants is the attention and 15 minute fame without any regard about parenthood. She even wrote a book now!!!

Dean Walton said...

It's true that the Beattie situation forces us to look at our concept of gender.
However, placing "him" and the center of this controversy is rather like the Rodney King affair. This is not the person who should be at the core of this discussion as it does seem they are publicity hungry and cash strapped.

I have no greater respect for this person than I do anyone who tries to raise a child with a societal stigma. But again, let's not elevate the Beattie's to icon status. they are an exception...a notorious minority among an already maligned minority.

And it is absolutely true that this is not a case of a biological or even genetic male giving birth. They are a lesbian couple who were inseminated...happens a lot these days...just the gestating lesbian had a mastectomy and hormone therapy. Nothing else.

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