Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nationwide Student Protest for Marriage Equality 12/3/08


On 12/3 Walk out of class at 9 am in your own time zone.
When you leave, please leave a note on your desk or chair that says, "SCHOOL TAUGHT ME NOT TO DISCRIMINATE. SAY NO TO H8. SAY YES TO EQUALITY".

We'll leave it up to the students at each school to figure out what they want to do while they are out of class, but we encourage you all to meet up as a group somewhere nearby and protest for equal rights for everyone. Coordinate through facebook, myspace, text messages, and word of mouth.

Home Page, Facebook Group, Myspace Page

CLICK HERE to print flyers that allow you to write in a place for local students to meet up and protest.

CLICK HERE to print a flyer without adding a place to meet up.

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Elijah Nouvelage -

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