Friday, November 14, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Homo-fascism"

"Homo-fascism" is a word used by anti-gay opponents asserting that the homosexual lobby is somehow fascist in nature and trying to impose a gay agenda on the world, as well as restrict the speech of those who are opposed to homosexuality and transsexuality.


No one said...

No one is restricting their speech. They donated, they went door-to-door, they called people at home and said what they wanted. Truth or not.

Free speech doesn't mean no consequences. We now have the freedom to respond. And we are. Both verbally and economically. We have every right to know who our oppressors are and to fight back.

Even bigots get free speech.

Anonymous said...

I like this term, it has a nice ring to it. I keep repeating it over and over in front of the mirror trying to make my face express the disgust I feel while saying a "word" that has a certain gay lisp value to it. Really though, is speaking up and speaking loud silencing the homophobic, or have those of us speaking up started to outnumber the homophobic?

Anonymous said...

Is homo-fascism similar to christo-fascism or islamo-fascism or Right Wing Fascists?

Anonymous said...

Somehow the word reminds me of the general tendency in the US these days to accuse anyone we disagree with as being fascist, as in the examples cited by the previous poster. I remember for a while lots of people on campus would protest the Bush administration talking about how fascist they were. I always wanted to say, "If they really were fascist, you couldn't protest in broad daylight without a serious government crackdown." Not to say I'm such a fan of the Bush administration. Maybe it's kind of like comparing people to hiter.

Pipi De Fr├Ęche said...

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