Monday, November 17, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Ladyboy"

A "ladyboy" is either a male-to-female transgender, or an effeminate gay male who adopts a feminine appearance. The term is popular in Thailand, outside of that country the word is deemed offensive to MTF's.


Renee said...

This is the first word of the gay that I really don't like. I am not sure at this point what there is about it that sits funny with me but something just does.

Shauna said...

I don't like it either, it just doesn't sound correct. Shemale is another but it is what it is. There is so many labels for the same type of gender and sexual preference.

Queers United said...

I saw a documentary on trans women in Thailand and they refer to themselves as ladyboys, I haven't heard this term used in a negative context. But I can see how it would be seen as offensive.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that you didn't put the word into context:

A. That it is often used by women specifically in Thailand - a somewhat region-focused word


B. That it could be offensive to people

I think your post could easily be construed as "trans women = ladyboys", and that's not really going to fly with a lot of people.

Just some constructive criticism..

Queers United said...

Well you have to understand that some word of the gays are offensive and out there. I use all words about the community even if negative. So I have used words like faggot, dyke, tranny, etc. While I wasn't aware ladyboy could be used in a negative way, I wouldn't refrain from using it, I just would have typed the post a bit differently.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not talking about you using the words in general, I was focusing more on how this specific entry could have been worded differently.

Like for instance on "Rug muncher," you specified it as being potentially offensive, so I just said that could work well here too. And the word "ladyboy" is also situated within a specific cultural context usually, which I think is important to indicate.

I mean idk I know this is just a blog and I'm probably being too picky, but I figured I'd offer some feedback.

Queers United said...

Ok well thanks for bringing it to my attention, I will edit it to reflect what you said.

Anonymous said...

I think that all words of anny language are result of a constrution made by people, just by writing and talking in a historic process.So, there are no good or bed words, simply they are that natural "result" and in this case (giving names to sexual attitudes)it always depends on the intelectual level and caracter of the one who's using it in a speach.

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