Monday, November 24, 2008

Arizona Prop 102 Supporting Bigots Exposed

Proponents of proposition 102 spent a whopping 8 million dollars to ban marriage between gay and lesbian couples in the state of Arizona. They exercised their right to use their money as they saw fit, and now we will exercise ours, by boycotting and exposing those who imposed bigotry on decent tax-paying American families.

The Tuscon Observer has created a comprehensive listing they obtained from the campaign finance reports showing who supported and opposed prop 102 financially.


Nicky said...

Ya know that's just wrong to list people who voted against you and to blacklist them. What you LGBT people are trying to do hearkens back to the days of McCarthyism and the days when people were targeted for being unamerican. Do you people want to do that because if you do, it's going to backfire on you guys and knock down what ever gains you have made because of your way of branding and doing what Sen McCarthy did back in the 50's.

Queers United said...

Nicky-These people are destroying our lives, we have every right to know who they are and to boycott them.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, there is no analogy between the two activities. These people have exercised their right to free speech by supporting this ugly amendment. And now they have to accept that there are very often consequences for what we say. The GLBT community has every right to now exercise THEIR right to free speech. And if that free speech includes boycotting bigots, that is their right as well.

Just as you people did with the Black community, you want the gay community to just take whatever you dole out and sit quietly, with our eyes lowered, grateful for any crumb. We've done that for far too long.

Nicky said...

At what expense do you want as a community. By boycotting and blacklisting people to the point that the backlash you may end up getting is far worse than losing the rights and gains you made. By doing what Sen McCarthy did back in the 50's is going to have a chilling effect and can backfire on you guys and as a result, you could lose all what you strive and gain for.

So do the people who like to know who support your proposition and those who financed and payed for the proposition. It goes both ways because you people can boycott those that supported the bill and their are those who can boycott those who were against it.

So it's a total loss for both sides if you are going down that road. if you gona boycott and blacklist those who were against you. Their are people who are gona boycott and blacklist those who supported you. So there's a no win situation their.

Anonymous said...

I'm from California, and as you all know we suffered a defeat with Prop 8. My feelings on this are as follows..... I wish that people, churches and companies outside of the state should not be able to support any type of legislation within the state. In other words....Utah, the LDS Church, and individuals & companies in other states should not be able to financially or verbally support something that does not concern them. I hope you understand what I mean. Rik, Orange CA

ValiaMK said...

Being homophobic and supporting legislation that hypocritically denies that we are suppose to be a secular nation is something people have to be held accountable for. Everyone has the right to their opinions - but the rest of society has the right to acknowledge these opinions and call out bigots.

I am all for people having a wide variety of ideologies and political beliefs, but I think we have to make the distinction between POLITICAL issues and personal, “moral” issues/“values”. If you are ignorant enough to think that queer people shouldn't get married, whatever- that's fine. BUT these bigots should not be able to dictate what rights the LGBTIQ community gets and they should not be able to legislate “moral” laws that demote people to second class citizen status just because THEIR RELIGION (not mine, maybe not yours, definitely not America's) is foolishly discriminatory...

I am just sick and tired of everyone defending those that are most ignorant and bias instead of those that are constantly being discriminated against. It probably makes me a horrible 'activist' but I am in no way trying to politely and sweetly sway peoples might be shitty but i do not feel like it is my job to persuade people to let me live my life the way I see fit... if someone is going to be a bastard and try to demote me to a second class citizen, then I am going to make it public and let them know their bias opinions make other people mad...if my approach is 'bull dog' then so be it. I am pissed, and rightfully so.

The propositions that passed in California, Arizona, and Florida were not based off of any legal baring or constitutional laws, but on Christian ideals. Its bullshit. Supposedly we do not live in a nation whose laws are influenced by religion, yet our stances on a lot of social issues, especially as pertains to LGBTQI folks, are on par with nations that are religious monarchies. Its hypocritical and wrong and those who supported the passing of these Propositions did NOT base their opinions on some American conservative political ideology - they based their decisions on hatred and wanting to oppress those that do not follow societal 'norms'. For that, these folks deserve to be called out.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression."

Anonymous said...

I agree that everyone who supported Prop.8 should be boycotted. If they don't want us to have equal rights, thern they certainly don't deserve any of MY money!!!!

NorCal Gary said...


So if a law was passed that DIRECTLY affected you, would you want to spend your money at business' that supported the passing of that law?

As an extreme example, if a law were passed that said everyone named Nicky couldn't take a day off on Saturday or Sunday but had to take Wednesday and Friday off would you want to spend money at the business' that helped pass that law?

The boycott is in place so that we don't spend our money at places that financed Prop 102 in AZ and Prop 8 in CA. What is wrong with me wanting to know where NOT to spend MY money?

As an example I choose to not shop at Walmart because of the unfair ways they have treated their employees. That is MY decision on where to spend MY money. It has nothing to do with where you or anyone else chooses to shop.

The lists of business' and people who supported these discriminatory propositions allow me to know who to not financially support and has nothing to do, on my part anyway, with any "Witch Hunt"... oh yeah... those were a Religious persecution too!!!

Nicky said...

I also agree, but I would be careful of blacklisting people because it could have a wrong effect and it can end up backfiring on the LGBT community and what ever gains you made will be lost because the way your blacklisting people.

Anonymous said...

If a company takes money I spend on their product and spends it supporting legislation that gives me second-class civil rights even though I pay taxes at the same rate as anyone else ... you're damned right I'll spend my $ somewhere else.

That's what a boycott is all about. You see, these folks do not see GLBT folk as equal human beings. They see us as something they can control and dictate to. We aren't going to change teh Mormon Church by being nice to them.

If somebody knocked on your door and asked you for money to buy a gun to shoot you with, would you hand it to them? I wouldn't.

Wonder Man said...

i think it's fair to list them

Nicky said...

Just think about it, is boycotting worth for all the gains you made. What are the odds that boycotting will get what you want. Can you safely risk boycotting to get what you want without losing all that you gained. What are you going to do if you lose in the boycott front. What are you going to do if your boycott plans backfire you guys and what are you going to do if you boycott and lose all what you gained for.

Allan said...

You keep asking if we are willing to risk all of the gains we have made by boycotting (NOT blacklisting) anyone we want to for whatever reason we want to, just like actual human beings.

Yes, and quit asking if we are willing to risk something we have never been given, except by our Creator (in my case that would be my mother with a bit of help from my father, but you call your Creator whatever you want). Nobody GAVE us any rights for us to lose, just as nobody gave you those same rights and therefore no one can take them away. We have nothing more to lose if we are not treated equally under law, the promise of justice given to every human being equally in this nation.

We are not risking any gained rights particular to us. We have nothing to lose. We will be treated equally in this country, and there is nothing any religious organization can do to stop it no matter how vicious and deceitful they get, no matter how long they delay the inevitable.

We have enemies. We are willing to point them out in the street now. Our enemies don't like that. Too bad. Own your bigotry, bigots, no matter your excuse for having it.

BTW, what rights do you think will be taken away first when the "backfire" comes calling?

I suggest that it will not be rights already protected by law, because that is impossible in the end, but physical safety and lives which will be taken away, and if that's the threat, if that's the price of being tired of being treated lower than shit, then it will only be another escalation, nothing new.

Allan said...

Boycott against Mormon-owned businesses

Nicky said...

The backfire may come in a form of the people who you blacklisted may come back and fight you so hard that they will take away your rights instead of giving you more rights. They may come back in a form of boycotting your supporters and your people. The worse that could happen, is what ever gains your community has made can all go down the tubes because of the blacklisting of those who voted against you.

Anonymous said...

Haterosexuals believe they can bully gay people around, take our rights away and we have to be nice through it all because they want to take away more rights. Typical haterosexual thinking.

Anonymous said...

At what point does this discussion turn from "gay rights" to simple "human rights".

I have not seen any definition of these equality laws that excludes heterosexual human beings from choosing a member of the same sex to marry. This could be done to create a legal opportunity for another person to care for them and have all of the same rights afforded any pair of married people.

If the argument arrises that a marriage must be consummated, does this have to be proven in a "straight" marriage?

I'm only saying this because I don't believe this discussion should be about gay/straight and it certainly shouldn't be about religion. Let not forget out country was founded on the separation of church and state. Now we could argue that marriage should ONLY be a religious institution and not have any legal right attached to it. GAY OR STRAIGHT.

Nicky said...

The way I see it, the more you keep pulling the same tactics and same demands, the more society get's sick and tired of them. I think that the tactics that the LGBT community is pulling right now, is going to backfire and come back to haunt them for years and even decades to come. Shouting down at them and blacklisting them is not the way to get what you want in society and what you are doing now, is going to make society think, "why should we give you rights, when our blacklisting society for voting against you" mentality.

So just be honest, do you think your gona get what you want, by protesting against people who voted against you and blacklist those who voted against you. I think it's gona cause the biggest backlash and it's gona backfire on you guys so badly that what ever you gained is all going to be lost.

Politically, I think it's going to make any political party think twice about giving you guys civil and federal rights.

I would say, if you want civil and marriage rights, start lobbying and start forming special interest groups and not protesting and blacklisting of people, because the people you blacklist can come back and black list you and even boycott those who are your supporters.

NorCal Gary said...


You are either a retard, thick headed or get enjoyment out of instigating people.

You have no concept what-so-ever of how a minority feels or is treated in this country.

You keep repeating the same stupid shit and do not get on the clue bus when it stops for you.

You said "the more you keep pulling the same tactics and same demands, the more society get's sick and tired of them."

This is EXACTLY what Christians have done for over 2000 years! It took society that long to get tired of you.

You said "I think that the tactics that the LGBT community is pulling right now, is going to backfire and come back to haunt them for years and even decades to come."

There were reports of THOUSANDS of people nationwide that voluntarily left churches of all denominations because they no longer want to belong to a bigoted, repressive and discriminatory organization! HMMMM! Looks like the backfire happened on your side!

You said "going to make society think, why should we give you rights..."

Guess what dumb ass... we don't need you to GIVE us anything. The Constitution has already done that. What we are TAKING BACK are the rights we already have. Society has NOTHING to say about it!

The Constitution promises us freedom from religious pricks like you. If the majority dictates the rights of the minority then it is a DICTATORSHIP not a Republic nor a Democracy!

Now go troll somewhere else!

NorCal Gary said...


I don't know what rock you have been hiding under but society HAS been lashing out at us for hundred's of years!

The infamous Paragraph 175 had been added to the Reich Penal Code as long ago as 1871, more than 60 years before Hitler took power. It was just one more development in a long line of legislation around the world aimed at punishing homosexuals.

Do you think Hitler only killed Jews? Do some research and you will find out the origin of the pink triangle was a mark on Homosexuals and Lesbians to mark them for experimentation and the furnaces.

In England there is an extensive history of persecuting gays. As long ago as 1290, carrying out homosexual acts was punishable by death.

Wake up and look around you. We have been persecuted, killed and ostracized from society as long as any other minority.


By the way you never answered my question. If a law was passed that DIRECTLY affected you, would you want to spend your money at business' that supported the passing of that law?

If a law were passed that said everyone named Nicky couldn't do something that everyone else could, would you want to spend your money at the business' that helped pass that law?

Nicky said...

You and your kind act like gay rights are the same as black community rights. Which neither are the same thing and are not in the same way.

I think your a hyperliberal and someone who needs to take a chill pill. The reality here is that gay rights is going to be a long road and you can't seem to see that. I guess you need to get out of San Francisco and learn that their are other values besides pushing and shoving down people's throats to demand gay marriage.

ValiaMK said...

Everyone needs to stop responding to Nicky. He is not intelligent enough to even fight with and really not worth the stress. His argument is basically, 'so what that the heteronormative, christian society has decided to ignore your civil and constitutional rights - deal with it and don't complain or you will annoy [actually, confuse their tiny minds] the ignorant bigots, more.'

It is a ridiculous argument used only by those who are privileged enough to never have been unjustly held down and given second class citizen status, as well as those who do not have the mental capacity to understand the history of interactions between the majority and marginalized. It is very sad that people like him exist, but you can't change such ignorant, stupid minds - he doesn't have the ability to hear anything you are saying because he hasn't evolved to that point. People like him prefer that all marginalized groups just take the discriminatory treatment with a smile because they are morons who are scared of anything outside of their trashy, conservative, bigot world.

This is the fading view-point, in a decade people like him will be laughed at and called backwards morons, like they should be.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don't let idiots like him bring you down :) I think they are just praying that their ridiculous opinions never become the minority outlook because they are not smart enough to think outside their scope. You should feel sorry for him, (although I understand its hard, being that people like this tend to have too much voice and influence).

Queers United said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and hopefully equality will come our way soon :)

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