Saturday, July 12, 2008

Australian Activists Set to Protest Pope's Visit

"The NoToPope Coalition is inviting all civil libertarians, sexual health workers, condom producers, gays/ lesbians/ queers, women's rights activists, abortion providers, Christians and faith/holders, to challenge NSW governments attacks on free speech."

The NoToPope Coalition will peacefully protest on Saturday July 19th 12 noon at Taylor Square, Darlinghurst.

Youth Against World Youth Day are rallying in Melbourne Sunday July 13, 1:30pm (speakers from 2pm), Step of Parliament House, Spring St, Melbourne. Call Jason 0407781406

A kiss-in and condom distribution action will take place in Brisbane on Saturday July 19th at 3pm in Queens Park. Call Luke 0400 195 203 Dominic Hale o431 638 772

For Adelaide's Kiss-in Queen Street, Bowden Saturday July 19th at 2.30pm for 3pm please contact: Troy-Anthony Baylis 0439 684 876 or Jess Cronin 0438 668 370

Lismore NoToPope event at Winsome Hotel contact Tara 02 6629 5358

For Newcastle call Star 0410 326 006


Nat said...

The Catholics are basically shutting down the whole CBD during their stupid Youth Day. No religion should have any right to do that. But Sydney officials just keep letting foreign forces walk all over the city, as they close down streets and sections of town. Same thing happened when George W. Bush visited. It's so frustrating for residents that just want to go to work or go about their business. Luckily I will not be in the city over that time.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but our stupid mafia NSW Govt is banning any Tshirts/skateboarding(!)/protests that pigrims may deem ANNOYING!

Yes I'm very bloody annoyed, thank you lol

Mirrorboy said...

I'm poped out. There was an hour-long 'special' on the news of him driving around... He's been on the front page of every newspaper for days... sigh...

please go home now.

Anonymous said...

Damn. If only I had the Internet (it was on the fritz), then I would know about this and could make my way to Darlinghurst.

I'm with the first comment - I can't believe they shut down the whole city just so the Pope could make his way into Sydney.

I saw a documentary just last week and in it, the guy who made the documentary (who is Atheist) was asking why so many young people have ditched religion. Well no wonder fucking why, it's one of the most human-oppressive things on the planet.

And I really hated the way the news coverage viewed the visit of the Pope in the positive light.

Okay, I am rambling on now, but I think people know my stance on religion here.

Queers United said...

Why doesn't the media focus on all the bad things the pope says? grrr.

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