Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bisexual Dating Site Discriminates Against Trans-Man

"A 25 year-old Boston transman had his profile removed from a bisexual dating site last week after revealing to the site's operators that he had recently transitioned.

Site officials defended their action by saying that prior to his transition, Teich had registered on their lesbian dating site, which shares profile information with

"We do not have a site appropriate for transgenders. You joined our lesbian site, which is not your sexual preference. You then listed yourself as a bisexual man. This is absolutely a violation of our community rules because we do not allow any man on a lesbian site," wrote Dupuis. "You are NOT a lesbian therefore you cannot and will not be a part of our lesbian community."

Please join me in voicing your outrage that a bisexual dating site would discriminate against an openly Trans person.
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H/T to Joe My God for the story.


Sh@ney said...

It is a little bit hard to make heads or tails of my friend.

There are points I tend to agree with & disagree. I think the way it was handled could have been much more humane. Not necessarily the outcome.

Queers United said...

Well Shaney my feeling is I can understand a lesbian site not wanting men on it, but that was the original site that he signed up for at the time as a woman, but why kick him off the bisexual site? The way in which it was handled is also completely wrong and insensitive.

Anonymous said...

If it's a site for *lesbian* bisexuals and he's not a lesbian bisexual, I don't see the problem with asking him to leave? It's nothing against his transgenderness... he's just not the kind of people the site's for?

Queers United said...

Anonymous Tangowire operates several sites. The trans-man originally signed up for the lesbian site when he was a she. Now as a a man he has signed up for their bisexual dating site. The site is for male and female bisexuals so I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed.

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