Saturday, July 19, 2008

S.F. Queer Activists Protest HRC Gala July 26th

According to Queer Today:

"On July 26 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, there will be a party and protest in front of the HRC Gala.

HRC has a long record of endorsing war-mongers and republicans like Joe Lieberman, weak and shameful support of transgender, genderqueer/gender variant communities, and focusing their attention and money on the needs and desires of the most well-off members of the LGBT community.

As queer activists it is our responsibility to let the donors to HRC know just what they are giving to. They are contributing to an organization that endorses pro-life, and anti-war candidates. And an organization that does not fully support the trans community.

There are thousands of good hearted contributors to HRC who simply need to be made aware.

Join us on July 26, to demonstrate in front of the Westin St. Francis, San Francisco."


Anonymous said...

The problem with the post is that we are right and you are wrong. In order to win this nation over for gays and lesbins it will take time, concerted effort of individuals. The big response to transgenders is for me that the country does not understand this issue and is not ready at the moment for full trans equality. Sorry but that is the truth. Hey as gays we are still having a hard time in various ways and areas. This sounds to me more like a power play and creates more division in the gay commuity.

Anonymous said...

Hey, way to use 'transgender' as a noun, ally.

planet trans said...

Jeff, the worn out rhetoric about the country not understanding or we need to educate is done put it into a tin box babe.

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