Monday, July 7, 2008

Website Spotlight: "LGBT Bloggers"

Shouts out to Shaney who frequently comments here who has a wonderful listing of LGBT blogs. The categories are as follows: Gay male, Lesbian, Transgender, Community, Parenting, Bisexual, HIV Related, French, Spain, Gossip/News, Australian, Chinese, Mixed Language, Pinoy, Asia, Spicy Lesbian, Mixed Gay, LGBT friends, Artistic, Shopping, and Home & Travel.

He also highlights a new LGBT blog daily and is constantly updating his listing. In his very own words "If you can't find something you like on his site, you aren't looking hard enough!"

Check out LGBT Bloggers! and bookmark them =)


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love HIS site. There is so much useful information.


Sh@ney said...

Thank you my friend. That was very kind of you. I really admire your dedication to gay rights issues.

Though I do tend to get a little hot headed over some issues. But I guess we all get bothered by the way we are treated, after such a long battle with little resolve.

Keep up the great work you are doing here.

And Thank you Coming Out 101! Mwah!

Queers United said...

Thanks Shaney for the kind words. I equally admire your dedication and comprehensive listing =)

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