Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stop the North Carolina Marriage Amendment!

They're at it again North Carolina. With right wing legislators filing a constitutional amendment denying same-sex couples access to marriage and any other kind of relationship recognition this week, we need you to ask your elected officials not to sign on as a sponsor.

Take action now to ask your legislators to oppose the amendment. Have an even greater impact by putting a message via this form in your own words!


SNT said...

I still say that we need to do a counter protest on the March 3rd.. We can't sit back adn allow NC4Marriage to bus people in to degrade us in full of our capital building.. We need to show them that we plan to fight this to the end... we need to show our state that we are here to stay..

Anonymous said...

Please join/help SickNTired to mount a protest or counter-protest at the North Carolina state capitol building! "We" all around the world need your warm body and shoes in the streets to demonstrate that "we" are not afraid, and "we" will not be going back, and "we" will continue to move forward no matter what our self-declared enemies do or say. The point of no return has been passed, het supremacists and het exclusivists. "We're" not going to take it any more.

SNT said...

thanks you Allan, however the LGBT leader is Raleigh don't want us too,

SNT said...

we had a small counter protest,a group of our protester were almost arrested. I encounter a group a bigots who didn't like me taking photographs of them..

However our own LGBT Newspaper still hasn't post anything about it. However I'm sure that our LGBT Paper will do few full pages of ENC day of action.

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