Friday, July 11, 2008

Boycott Manchester Grand Hyatt, and the Grand Del Mar in California

"Same-sex marriage advocates urged travelers Thursday to boycott two hotels owned by a San Diego County businessman who gave $125,000 to a group backing a California ballot initiative to ban gay marriage.

Doug Manchester, who owns the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego and the Grand Del Mar golf resort near La Jolla, donated the money to the National Organization for Marriage in January"

Email the top management at these hotels!

H/T to Blog Active for the story.


Anonymous said...

I emailed the hotels to tell them I was boycotting them. We were going to stay at one in our visit to San Diego. Thanks for the information.


Queers United said...

onanite im really happy to hear that you emailed them and that you actually are one of their potential customers who they will now lose.

Nat said...

I stayed in San Diego in the last week of June... but I stayed in a hostel. I'm glad I did not choose one of those hotels.

Mel Keegan said...

What these businesses don't understand is that (on average) gay couples have more disposable income (according to all the recent polls and demographic studies I've seen). They should be courting gay couples!

Queers United said...

They should be, if they knew marketing they would know the term DINK. Dual Income No Kids, and gay couples have lots of money. Of course many now have kids and families too.

Anonymous said...

I support Doug Manchester's financial contribution to protect the marriage between a man/woman. The homosexual community claims they are being discriminated against when in fact, they are being the most discriminatory by trying to control others views. Although I have nothing against homosexuals personally and care about them on an individual basis, I in no way condone their agenda. I believe it is destructive to the very core of our nation by destroying the healthy model of the family.

Queers United said...

How are we trying to control others views? We don't ask that you like us. We ask for the same rights you have. The right to visit our partner in the hospital, the right to inheritance, to file joint tax returns, etc Aren't those who want to deny these equal rights the ones who are imposing their anti-equality agenda? If you cared about them on an individual basis you would want them to be treated fairly and equally.

What is the healthy model of family? The 52% heterosexual divorce rate? The out of wed lock births? or maybe the massive cheating that occurs among heterosexuals.

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