Monday, July 28, 2008

John McCain Video on Gay Adoption

U.S. Presidential candidate John McCain appeared on ABC's This Week and was questioned on his position over same-sex couples adopting.


T. R Xands said...

Wow, McCain thinks he's slick. I love how even the reporter was like "...what?" at the end.

But you know, he did kind of make a point about there being bigger issues than gay adoption, not that it's not an important one. Gay adoption shouldn't even be a problem, I think--as McCain said, two-parent homes are best for children, so what if it happens to be two guys or two women?

That's just what I can take away from the interview, but that's not what he really said I don't kinda made me sad how he just jumped all around the issue.

Steve Krotz said...

Before McCain made a complete turn-around on almost all of his stances in order to maniacally support Bush, he would have supported gay adoptions. I actually liked him then. Now - he's become the same kind of slime that Bush and just about every other republican has morphed into.

Integrity is a terrible thing to waste and boy, has he ever wasted it!

By the way - don't know if my email to you went through (it just kept cycling) but I added Queers United to my "GLBT Sources" list on my blog.

Anonymous said...

What do the far right think about SINGLE parent adoption? For sure, such adoptions are granted sometimes. Perhaps gay couples should (if they really want to adopt) simply adopt as one potential parent. A shame, for sure, that such a deception might be necessary, but, a possible way to proceed. In the 70's, at 25 years old, a single man, I considered adopting. I taught elementary school, and I was VERY VERY much loved, admired, respected, and TRUSTED by ALL! ....... I know, if i had tried I would have been able to do it.. Admittedly, though, I was AFRAID of the process. Now, for sure, I wish I had tried! Please do not misread me, I hope we will ALL continue to push for ALL of our rights! Love to all on this wonderful site!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he only wants to help straight families be honest you hate gay people.

Queers United said...

T. R. - this video is sad but it also cracks me up, does John McShame not realize gay couples ARE "two-parent" families.

Steve - Thanks for the add, you are on our blogroll as well. Democrats used to like McCain but as you said he has become complete slime.

Larry - The far right are against anything that is not man + woman + christian values.

Anonymous - I don't think he hates gays, I think he could care less, maybe he even likes gays, he spoke to the Log Cabin Republicans but obviously now he is pandering to his right-wing base.

Lauren said...

I think in that interview, he answered every question posed about why he should NOT be president.

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