Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boycott A-1 Self Storage!

Californians Against Hate has launched a new website urging for a call to boycott A-1 Self Storage. Previously we blogged in July about Mr. Terry Caster a California businessman who owns A-1 Self Storage contributing nearly 300,000 dollars to support eliminating marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in California via proposition 8.

His reason for donating:

"Without solid marriage, you are going to have a sick society,"
In October, Mr. Caster more than doubled his previous donation, bringing his total donation to proposition 8 to 693,000 dollars, making his family the 2nd largest contributor to the proposition.

Let the company know that you will be boycotting them over the Caster families donation to proposition 8.

Corporate Office Number: 800-219-4854 ext. 106

A-1 Customer Service Number: 800-210-8979

The Boycott A-1 Self Storage website has a listing of all the locations to avoid.


Anonymous said...

YIKES! That is wrong on so many levels? Strong marriage belongs to the heteros? Not from what I see in my work! And sick society? We already got one of those my friend and it has nothing to do with who is marrying!!

Laurie said...

I think we have one of those around here...
I will spread the word here :)


Anonymous said...

Too bad there are none here in Houston or we would join the boycott. Oh, well, I must be content in spreading the word to all my California friends.

Anonymous said...

All your California friends are with you if I have anything to say about it.

Anonymous said...

Just posted on A-1 Oakland's Yelp page. Go queers!

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