Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Constitution State Embraces Constitution!

Congratulations to our LGBT brothers and sisters in Connecticut, today marks the beginning of legal marriage equality within the state. The court ruled on Oct 10th, 4-3 that gay couples should be afforded constitutional protection. Anyone getting hitched?


Scot said...

I need these occasional victories.

We may head there if it turns out our Ca marriage is now invalidated again. I just hope the courts there hurry as we've decisions to make.

Landlady of Fat said...

We are!

Well, just as soon we get OUR bailout to pay for it. :D

Queers United said...

Scot - Is it definite now that you are leaving UT?

Tina - Congrats, that is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I was at New Haven city hall today watching the first marriages. There were no anti-gay protesters, just support and love. Very nice to see after prop h8 last week.

Landlady of Fat said...

Jessica you got to watch??? I'm so jealous!

I'm gonna check out news12 tonight. :)

Queers United said...

I hope someone videotaped it, I love watching these historic moments.

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