Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homophobic Rapper Trick Trick Doesn't Want Queers Buying His Album

Eminem bud and frequent collaborator Trick Trick let loose a torrent of homophobic invectives to All Hip Hop today, telling the magazine that he doesn't want gay people to buy his album:

“I’ma [sic] go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album, I don’t want your fagot money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else.”

It gets better.

"Trick Trick explained that his anger comes from what he feels is mainstream society’s growing promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

“It’s just that every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on,” Trick told “And they act like its fucking okay. The world is changing for the worst when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell.”

On the self-titled album track called "Trick Trick," the Detroit rapper hurls vitriolic bars against gay activists Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, referring to them as “dyke bitches” and promising to send a “scud missile right through their fucking cruise ship.”
The album features appearances by a whole host of hip-hop stars including Eminem, Ice Cube, Kid Rock, Proof, Esham, Dr. Dre , Guilty Simpson, and Royce Da 5’9.

We have no problem boycotting his album, he is even encouraging it! Just be sure to tell your straight friends (Trick Trick's target market) to boycott as well!

You can contact Trick Trick or leave him a blog post via his myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

If you really want to encourage a boycott, any retail outlet stocking this album should be targeted. If they want to make money off this, why should we give them money for anything else?

Scot said...

"I don’t want your fagot money any goddamn way."

I can't help but imagine what "fagot money" would look like...

Anyway, Mr. Tick Tick has no need to worry he'll get any of my money.

T. R Xands said...

Wow, he's just trying to drum up publicity from an album that's probably no good anyway. He's mad at the gaining acceptance of gay lifestyles? I'm mad at the phoney ass "gangsta" lifestyle he and other mainstream rappers are still trying to push. Ugh, stop giving hip hop a bad name.

Landlady of Fat said...

Who the hell is Tick Tick?

I never even heard of his shitty ass. Fuck him.

OBVIOUSLY he has no talent if he has to focus all of his "music" on an already beat upon minority.

Oooo what a tough guy.

Eh well -- next week he'll be irrelevant.

Ut too late.

Queers United said...

aww shux, please, please Mr. Trick Trick, I beg you let me spend my fag money on your album! Please, i'd rather starve than have a penny not going to your oh so amazing talented homophobia!

Anonymous said...

Who'd buy music from a guy wearing clothes that looks like my grandmothers ole green wallpaper.
And friend with "no nuts M & M's" the honky homophobe. Talk to the finger dude!
Won't waste a parking lot penny on your trasssssh!

Anonymous said...

I am really puzzled, why are educated, articulate, tax-paying, all inclusive gays not accepted yet the ignorant, uneducated, gangsta thugs are welcomed into society.

I am beginning to turn on the black community with Prop 8's results and ongoing shit like this. I don't like seeing myself build up resentment for one community, but I feel completely let down by their culturally accepted homophobia.

Anonymous said...

This guy is abviously a closet homo.

Queers United said...

Well guys its important not to hate him for his skin color. You must remember he doesn't represent blacks nor hip-hop, he represents himself, and for that he is an idito.

Anonymous "he is a closet homo" are you suggesting trick trick is looking for a treat? sorry i couldn't resist.

Suhe said...

i never heard of this rapper, probably he's nobody, and i think nobody buys his album, that's why he wanted some attention by making controversial comments, probably nothing else to it.

T. R Xands said...

Thevofl, I ask you not to turn against the black community because of idjits like this one right here. He in no way represents the black community and neither do homophobes of his ilk. I know for a damned fact he doesn't represent what I think and believe and I am black. Don't hate him because of his skin color, hate him because he is woefully ignorant if you need to hate him at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh this ignorant mess will get his in the end. Horrible things happen to horrible people....for example: Drive By's...hmmm...that wouldn't be such a bad thing in my eyes. The world does not need hate!

Anonymous said...

T R Xands,

I don't resent his skin color, I resent the community that supports him. This is the same community that supported Prop 8. When my black niece tells me that had she lived in CA she would have blindly followed others in her community and voted for Prop 8, knowing full well that I am gay, I am concerned that my community is being targeted by that community.

It's the hatred I feel from that community (and this idiot is one) that has made me resentful. I am beginning to put it on par with the Republican Party. Sure there are some GOPers who support us, but the majority don't.

Not Important said...

I'd love to see more of these people shown to be what they are. They condemn themselves without us having to say a thing.

Anonymous said...

Even if he is a nobody who doesn't want fag money, how about boycotting the the somebodies trying to lend him a hand like Eminem, Ice Cube, Kid Rock & Dr. Dre.

Anonymous said...

QueersUnited...if he had me, he'd be waving a rainbow flag in no time.

Anonymous said...

Well I think his name says it all, "trick trick" it's probably what they called him on the inside tuggin on a beltloop!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the Club remixes.

Anonymous said...

I think he wants a man more than he's willing to admit.

Anonymous said...

Grab the Raid! Another Homophobic Cockroach!: Trick Trick.

Did somebody throw one of those exterminating tents over the house of hip-hop, ‘cause these ig-nant-ass homophobic rappers are “coming out of the closet” like somebody just sprayed Raid!

Seems like my job is never done! First, I had to go at JapCity! Then I went at 40 Glocc! And now Eminem’s boy Trick Trick! It’s about to get “colder in the D!”

Mr. Trick (*I’m not sure if I’m using his first name or his last, but what the hey!) had some choice words for gay people, which he expressed in an interview. Many of those hip-hop heads reading didn’t even know who dude was! But this is old-head Negro writing this blog knows him quite well—the chain-snatcher of little boys—the fighting with Trick Daddy scoundrel—the AK-47 wielding ignoramus on YouTube!

Why does continue to put these fools on their site, only to find out that they are relatively unknown in mass-media hip-hop circles? (But that’s not really my beef! It’s the IGNORANCE which they spew!) featured JapCity’s homophobic video “Niggas wit Purses.” Folk didn’t know JapCity outside of Chi-Town! And many of these people posting on don’t know Trick Trick, the Detroit gangsta turnt rappa! Well, goddamnit! Post some anti-homophobe shyt by the likes of me! Put some balance in hip-hop! (You know there are straight cats that are down for the LGBT community!) Don’t worry if the people don’t know me! I’ll introduce myself to your audience! I’m Khalil (motherfucking) Amani, Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend! I write the ONLY STRAIGHT gay-friendly hip-hop blog on the Internet!! (I dare you to find another!) I’m a homophobe killa!

So here’s what this douche-bag Trick Trick said about homosexuality:

“I’ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album… I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else. It’s just that every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on …and they act like its fucking okay. The world is changing for the worst when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell….Either way he’s gay/Ain’t no other way to say/He’s a fucking faggot so I’m lettin’ off my AK/Bust ‘em in his forehead/He ain’t worth lettin’ live/A man and man shouldn’t raise another man’s kids!”

On Trick Trick’s new album, The Villain, he goes at Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, rapping about “dyke bitches” and “scud missile right through their fucking cruise ship.”

So this hypocritical bastard is talking about killing lesbian women, as though he’s doing his god’s work! Fuckin’ ghetto-ass Al-Qaeda wannabe! He thinks women bumpin’ uglies is far worse than bombing a cruise ship full of people who love each other! And then some of these no-brainer Internet thugs/geeks are cosigning him—using the Bible as their moral compass! Listen to them! “You know da Bible says it’s against Gawd’s law!” What scripture? Shut-up, because most of y’all have never read the Bible! You’re just parroting some shyt you heard Rev. Chickenfoot preach! Homosexuality is a “sin?” Bullshyt!

(*If you study the religio/historical/political polemic [argument] on homosexuality one will see that homosexuality was banned by the Levitical priests, not because gay sex was bad, but because it was tied to foreign Goddess and Sodomite religious worship, who used sex [in any form] as the ultimate show of devotion to the Divine [God]! The Jews found the “sex factor” ever-so-enticing when they came into connect with these people. The ancient Jewish priests were “playa-hatin’” on those religions! Just like some of these preachers, today, who don’t want their followers going to another church, for fear of losing their congregation—their money! The Goddess and Sodomite cults of 3,000 years ago were far more sophisticated than the borrowed Mosaic Law—a plagiarism of the Babylonian “Code of Hammurabi.” And for those of you who like to use the “Sodom & Gomorrah” story to “prove” how your god hates faggots—the story had absolutely nothing to do with sex! Their destruction was the result of greed, profligacy and inhospitality [Ezekiel 16:16]. Now further research that ish!) (You can find a detailed historical explanation in my book Hip-Hop Homophobes… for starters!)

We can’t presume to judge another people’s culture/religion! Stop using the Bible and playing “Religious Gymnastics! The Bible says a lot of shyt that we don’t adhere to! So what? You think the Bible is against homosexuality? It’s also against profaning the seventh-day Sabbath/Shabbat, but how many of you violate the TEN COMMANDMENTS in favor of the Nicene Creed of 325 A.D. by Emperor Constantine, a fake-ass Christian who changed Saturday worship to Sunday worship and gave you such profane things as the date of Christmas and Easter, after the Sol Invictus Cult and the fertility Goddess Eostre? Raise your hands! How many of y’all eat shrimp, lobster and pork? These are against “God’s Law!” I bet you love the hell out of a ham sammich! [Leviticus 11] I bet y’all be taking your girlfriend to the Red Lobster, hoping that the $19.95 sckrimp & lobster special gets you the poonanny at the end of the night! (And by the way, fornication and adultery are against the Bible too!)

Trick Trick, like 40 Glocc is just another ignorant rapper who thinks he has a “personal opinion.” He claims he doesn’t want any “gay money” whatever the hell that is! But I bet he’ll take crack money—money that was ill-gotten that has many-a mom strung out in Detroit!

But on the real—what’s the deally yo? What caused you to be such a homophobe? I asked 40 Glocc the same question. They say “those who protests most are most suspect.” Are you wrestling with your sexuality or is this a cheap publicity stunt to try to boost your album sales? Let’s face it! Your album is only gonna go double wood (even with Eminem and Ice Cube on it!), so, in a way, I don’t blame you for reaching down into the cesspool of human ignorance and pulling out the “gay card” to start some controversy!

You can rap about gays and lesbians destroying our culture! But you are rapping about nonsense! Why don’t you rap about the real culprits/problems—racism, sexism, classism, black-on-black crime, the economy, homelessness, poverty, abortion rates, AIDS, health care, foreclosures, education, and war?

Your beef with your fellow gay and lesbian citizens is a trumped-up pseudo (false) diatribe. You, Trick Trick are just another rapping bully who’s looking for some controversy to sell records! And you feel safe in your homophobia because gay people are perceived as “soft” and the only real threat to you is Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (G.L.A.A.D.). But I’m here too! A straight black man who’s not afraid to call you out!

Hip-Hop is for all people! Hip-Hop is about those who were voiceless! Hip-Hop is about speaking your truth, regardless of race, class, religion, gender or sexual orientation! Trick Trick’s comments are the furthest thing from hip-hop! Trick Trick (not to be confused with my 305 homie Trick Daddy) is an un-hip-hop bum!

I know gay and lesbian rappers all over the country that will school Trick Trick on wax or in a battle! Ever heard of lesbian rapper FELONi—one of the realest MCs out of Detroit? Ever heard of Last Offence—gay rapper with the lyrical dexterity of ya boy Eminem? One of these days a gay or lesbian rapper will emerge on the mainstream hip-hop stage and speak to some of you homophobic rappers and you’re not gonna like what you’re hearing ‘cause they gonna bring it hard—embarrassingly hard! Mark my words!

“Hip-hop is either the hypocritical bastard child of mainstream homophobia or a freethinking, new-jack revolutionary that truly speaks to all marginalized groups.”

--Khalil Amani, Spiritual Advisor to Gay/Out Hip-Hop.
Ya Gay Friend’s Favorite Straight Friend! (

Anonymous said...

I hope no one buys that garbade cd of yours.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of this cheap Trick Trick until I read the article just a few minutes ago. I don't know who he is but I do know that he is not someone I will listen to or give any creedance to.

I still stand by my 20 year old thinking regarding Hip-Hop and Rap: Neither belong in any classification under the heading of Music.
To me it is just a medium for people who cannot sing or play an instrument to get up on stage and fulfill some feeling of inadaquacy that is deep seated in their personality. And that has nothing to do with music.

Mr. Trick or what ever his real name is, will never get a penny of mine and I am glad that will make him happy. I will also pray for him and his hate mongering mouth and wish all of the best things for him. I guess he is probably (a) sick; (b) a homosexual himself; or (C) was abused as a child. At any rate, he does deserve our prayers and best wishes. After all, if we do this, we will be the one that is in God's graces for our kindness and compassion and not the one who spreads hate for money.

Good luck, Mr. Trick, or what ever your name is.

Anonymous said...

If he ever has children, I hope they're queer and not straight in anyway.

Anonymous said...

Being of African descent like I, one would think he would be more sympathetic to an oppressed minority group like we once were. Damn fried chicken eating, watermelon loving, bad-credit a-hole.

Queers United said...

Anonymous I appreciate your support but I think it is wrong even though you yourself are black to highlight those stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

thevofl, This homophobic idiot does not represent the whole African American community. He is an unknown in the hip hop industry and is looking for controversy to sell albums. Too bad he is doing it in such an uncouth & ignorant way. He's looking at the economy and thinking without controversy he'll sell 100 units. Not excusing his comments but I think he just put his record label in the red.
Please, do not group all of us in the same category. I am a heterosexual college educated African American woman and I was saddened when I found out that Prop 8 was passed. Continue to fight for your rights as an American and keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

wow any one who can say this is just ignorant!!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard any track of that bastard Trick Trick and I ain't gonna listen to that shit. I would never give any cent for his fuckin shity album. He's idiot, fuck him!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! your fucking singing about popin' caps in people's asses, fucking "bitches and hoes" and "icing niggers" is so much better for people! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU GOD DAMN HYPOCRITE!!!! People need to fucking thing before they say shit, i swear. What a fucking idiot. I want to personally beat his ass to a pulp.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an arse.

Anonymous said...

What really irritates me is that members of the gay community particularly deep in hiphop culture think that it has no effect on the opinions of its demographic; here in Australia the native population identify strongly with gangsta culture; the result is blatant homophobia, public disorder, substance abuse and violence. This shit needs to be banned.

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