Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rebuild The Party - Feedback Forum for the GOP

The Grand Old Party, hasn't exactly been the Gay Old Party, at least not openly. The Republicans after suffering major defeats at the polls this month are looking for suggestions to move forward. I am sure you have plenty ideas of your own.

Here are some of my ideas (feel free to steal them) in your message to the GOP.

-Stop using gays and lesbians as a political wedge issue.

-Remove language from the party platform that seeks to eliminate rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

-Be more inclusive of the Log Cabin Republicans an (LGBT GOP organization).

-Less government means no constitutional amendments, and not policing what people do in their homes/bedrooms.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to run for President, don't appoint supreme court justices that would take us backwards.

BadKitty said...

Here is my addition, Separate social conservatism from fiscal conservatisim

Remember the principle of separation of Church and State, keep your religion out of my government. It is not like Reese's, they are not two great tastes that taste great together!

Anonymous said...

The Family Research Council has issued an "action alert" via e-mail for people to e-mail Governor Schwarzenegger and request that he NOT support an over turning of Prop 8.

We need to counter this by e-mailing, writing, and calling his office asking him to continue to support Marriage Equality.

Anonymous said...

Oh - BTW Josh - I did just send the following email to Governor Schwarzenegger:

I understand that the right-wing group The Family Research Council is mounting an email campaign to try and get you to reverse your position against Proposition 8.

I honestly don't expect you to do that but I just want to add my voice as a balance. Clearly, taking away a right that has already been granted is a civil rights issue and has nothing to do with any religious doctrine. The only doctrine that would apply here is that of "equal treatment" under the law as defined by your own state constitution as well as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Please don't go against your own standards simply because of pressure from a religious group or groups. That's not the American way.

Queers United said...

Josh - thank you I posted an action alert on that today.

Steve - Good to see your posts are coming through again, not sure what happened. Anyways, I agree they must stop pandering to a few religious radicals.

Anonymous said...

Please reverse the GOP stances on the deficit, war, and nation building.

I'm not gay but GOP policies are an insult to my friends and a freedom loving democracy. Gay people are our brothers and sisters, our cousins, our aunt or uncle.

Yet the GOP is a party that cares far more about fighting homosexuality and abortion than it does about the economy, war, and diplomacy.

The fact is, Bill Clinton was far more fiscally conservative than the vast majority of your party. And George Bush is far more fiscally liberal than the vast majority of Democrats. I spent 8 years debating this with "Republicans", and every one of them has finally conceded this point:

Real fiscal conservatives have long left the party and now make up much of the 1/3 of Americans who affiliate with neither party. The party's been long hijacked by social extremists and religious activists. If the GOP does not repent here and now, we'll be happy to vote you out again in 2010. It's not that we think Democrats are better, it's simply the GOP has crossed the line on far more issues.

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