Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Word of the Gay: "429"

"429" is the numerical term for G-A-Y. Used on mobile phones, the numbers correspond to the letters G, A, and Y and are sometimes used as a codeword to indicate ones sexuality.


Anonymous said...'s something I didn't know. As remedial as this is, it's actually a pretty cool code. It reminds me of a song that artist, Musiq Soulchild sings called "143", which stands for the amount of letters in 'I love you'. Ya gotta love slang!!!

Queers United said...

Slang is fun, I was tempted to use "429" the other day to see if a guy was gay but than I thought to myself who am I kidding, unless you are totally ingrained in queer culture nobody will have a clue wtf I am doing lol.

jadedjabber said...

Interesting. I have never heard this before, though I don't tend to be on the tip of gay culture.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I had no clue! Clearly you are somehow on the cutting edge of knowing all the groovy things!! Thanks!! :)

Queers United said...

jaded - yeah i dont think its too widespread.

bridge - aw thanks, hugs.

Anonymous said...

That's kinda cute. I completely missed out on this, because thanks to my involvement in the Deaf community, I've only ever had a cell phone with a full 'qwerty' keyboard.

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