Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arizona Civil Partnerships Campaign

Arizona Civil Partnerships plans to set into motion a new proposition for the introduction of Civil Partnerships in the State of Arizona.

An Arizona Civil Partnership enables same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship. Couples who form an Arizona Civil Partnership have a new legal status, that of 'civil partner'.

Which would include access to:

* Tax benefits, including inheritance tax
* Ability to make medical decisions for their civil partner
* Employment benefits
* Most state and occupational pension benefits
* Hospital visitation rights of civil partners
* Income-related benefits, tax credits and child support
* Duty to provide reasonable maintenance for your civil
partner and any children of the partnership
* Ability to apply for parental responsibility for your civil
partner's child
* Inheritance of a tenancy agreement
* Right to inherit if a civil partner dies without a will
* Access to fatal accidents compensation
* Protection from domestic violence
* Recognition for immigration and nationality purposes

You can help the campaign by emailing with your contact info, or going to the site to make a donation.

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