Monday, January 26, 2009

No Name Calling Week Jan 26th-30th, 2009

No Name-Calling Week is an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying in their communities.

To order a kit, plan something for your school, get buttons, ad banners and more, check out their website.


Laurie said...

I don't put up with name calling at any
time or of any kind....I put a stop to it
right then and there....


Word Geek said...

So do I, but as an Educational Assistant Sub (lowest of the low) acting alone, it gets tiring being the ONLY ONE doing it.

The school I work at now is so retrograde, they barely even challenge racism. Homophobia is tacitly encouraged. This means that challenging it is tantamount to outing yourself. This would be fine, but it derails the lesson as the kids freak out, and the teacher stands by and watches me get ridiculed and physically threatened. If I derail too many lessons, I don't get hired again.
What to do?

ellie said...

I liked the name calling banners, but not sure I can download one properly for the full gif affect. I'm a bit tempted to make my own.

Really a great site.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you teach kids to have good character traits & they work on self improvement then you won't have to resort to having no name calling week. You will have taught them that they have to repect on another.

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