Saturday, January 24, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Gay-Baiting"

"Gay-baiting" is a tactic of accusing someone of being gay or gay-friendly either as a form of attack, threat, or to discredit them politically.


libhom said...

Did you have to run a pic of the Coultergeist?


Stephen said...

Poor Ann. With her eating disorder and the added demonic possession, there really is little hope except complete and total self destruction. I actually saw her most recent book in Target. Seems her readers are Target shoppers. Hm. Does that makes sense?

Queers United said...

lib i had to because the minute i decided to post the word i saw her face in my head.

stephen sadly she is at B & N too, who buys this crap? heartless conservatives.

Buffy said...

Part of the problem is that people need to get over the notion that being gay or gay-friendly is something bad. That would render gay baiting mostly ineffective, because nobody would care if people thought them gay/gay friendly. Unfortunately that's going to take a long time in the current climate thanks to the RRRW and their hatred.

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