Saturday, January 17, 2009

Open Forum: A New Age Twist To Gay Rights?

Many people have become interested in the New Age Movement and spiritual concepts and practices that have been brought back to life through it. One of those is the power of thought, and how our thoughts vibrate to negative and positive frequencies which help us attract what we get in our lives. This concept is known as the Law of Attraction and has sparked a slew of books, interviews, and skeptics over whether we really can indeed choose our own destiny.

One of the leaders in the movement Esther Hicks and her husband have created several best selling books, and have conducted hundreds of lectures and workshops worldwide. The claim is that 'Abraham' a collective spiritual entity consisting of several spirits and universal information, speaks through her body. Whether you accept that claim or not, much of the advice is positive, and sound.

The video below shows one such lecture, where a lesbian asks how she and her soul mate can change hearts and minds to bring about marriage equality.

The lecture goes on to say that gay rights can be achieved only by living it and thinking that it already is a part of reality. Are we self-sabotaging ourselves by focusing on our enemies and the dreadful statistics that we know to be true? Is our own self pity the biggest obstacle standing in the way of our fight for equality when we could simply choose to be who we are, healthy, happy, proud and live the dream we so choose? Or, is that fairytale kind of thinking, and we are indeed ready to live the way we want but can't because of the oppressive system in place?


Queers United said...

I think both groups have their people who are positive and filled with joy, and both have people who are miserable and filled with anger and jealousy. I don't think it is enough to think positively, I think we need to know it in our hearts and minds, believe it is real for it to come true. I believe if we collectively felt that way we could have a cosmic shift.

Anonymous said...

Hey, believing brought Tinkerbelle back. Why wouldn't it make gay equality a reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long-time, strong believer in the power of thought. It's real and it does affect our lives.

But I'm also a pragmatist. Believing in something is what drives us but in order to make it happen requires hard work, commitment and dedication to making that belief/dream happen.

Life presents us with opportunities everyday but if we don't recognize them or simply miss them because we're too busy looking the other way for something else, it'll take a lot longer to get where we want to be - or not get there at all.

But then there's the concept of universal destiny - but that's a whole other discussion. :-}

Anonymous said...

be the change you want to see

Stephen said...

This is a bunch of rubbish. The philosophy of "magical thinking" sounds very reminiscent of the recent book, "The Secret", which was a total scam. There is no scientific proof that to "think something" will make it happen. What will make gay marriage happen is hard work and a well coordinated lobbying effort to change our laws and public policies. Nothing else. This is how major change has occurred. Unfortunately, sometimes with violence. Do you any of you remember how we got civil rights laws, ended the war in Viet Nam, established the right for women to vote? These are just a few of the critical issues that were changed through civil action and unrest. While these lady may be a charismatic evangelical speaker, the message is rubbish. Please stay the course through political action and pressure on the political system to enable gays and lesbians to become first class citizens. That includes our rightful claim to Social matter how small.

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