Friday, January 16, 2009

'Religious Freedom Day' - Let Queer Spirituality Ring!

January 16th is 'Religious Freedom Day' one that we should embrace to strengthen the barrier of separation of church and state as well as to truly celebrate religious freedoms, or freedom from religion.

In honor of the day, If you are part of a particular faith, be more vocal about the inclusion of queer clergy, for your congregations to conduct same-sex ceremonies, and to be proactive on issues that effect the community such as hate crimes, discrimination, and HIV/AIDS.

Religious Freedom Day can be a wonderful way to truly embrace what our founders had in mind. The government should not impede on the religious liberty of LGBT affirming groups that do honor and recognize LGBT people.

Be proactive, call, email, write your congregation/denomination and let them know how you feel!

Sign up for action alerts, and help these organizations:

Americans United for Separation of Church & State

Freedom From Religion Foundation

American Civil Liberties Union

People For The American Way

Learn more at Religious Freedom Day!


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This is very encouraging!

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