Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diversity Lesson 101: Ex-Gay Survivors

What is an ex-gay survivor?

Ex-gay survivors are people who were once under religious/social pressure and attempting to change their sexual orientation to heterosexual, but eventually came to embrace their sexual identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender after years of trauma and hardship suffered through 'reparative therapy'.

What do ex-gay camps and programs do?

Ex-gay groups are desperate to find a 'cure' for homosexuality even though sexual orientation is natural and not a disease. Due to their stubbornness and rejection of science and psychology there is virtually every kind of 'therapy program' available and they all claim to be succesful. The truth be told is none of them work. Some of the more popular techniques are behavior modification, electroshock therapy, touch therapy, psychoanalysis, prayer, exorcisms, and others. The techniques get extremely bizarre and questionable which is another reason why it is illegal and unethical for any professional to engage in so called 'reparative therapy'. Some of these more bizarre techniques include lifestyle changes such as conforming the identity to match their birth gender. Electroshock therapy while a person is stimulated by same-sex porn, but not when they watch heterosexual pornography. Touch therapy is when a counselor of the same-sex touches the victim in an attempt to make them feel loved and alleviate their same-sex desires.

Can someone change their sexual orientation?
People cannot willingly change their sexual orientation or gender identity. The American Psychological Association and American Medical Association as well as others in the scientific community strongly condemn so called 'reparative therapy' for its unscientific approach, inability to produce valid results, and for the damage it inflicts on its victims.

There have been zero peer reviewed studies indicating any change in sexual orientation or gender identity. While "ex-gay" groups are heavily funded by the church and continue to spew out lies saying thousands "have walked away from the homosexual lifestyle" the truth is there are only a handful of people who actually maintain that they are indeed "ex-gay" and these people are either suppressing their true identity, choosing celibacy, or flat out lying while living a double life.

Sexual orientation is usually consistent throughout a lifetime, some people do experience a shift in sexuality due to sexual fluidity, this however is not a conscious choice but more a result of nature and is in most instances rare.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you'd expect touch therapy to work well!

Anonymous said...

Excellent resource links here! Thank you for putting this out there for as many folks to see as possible!

Anonymous said...

There are no peer reviewed results saying that this stuff works because scientists are all gay aliens from the planet niburu trying to disprove God. I know this because the voices in my head told me so.

Disclaimer: My brain is now in pain from trying to get into the mindset of ex-gay "therapists".

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The men in the first photo look so damn happy. That's nice :)

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