Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get To Know Us First Has Released First PSA

The 'Get To Know Us First' campaign has released its first PSA featuring a diversity of families, with specific outreach to communities of color and spanish speaking populations.


Anonymous said...

That is the key. In general gay people are invisible to the community.

That is why it is good to come out. I've been out to a large degree on all my jobs. When people realize that gay people have the same concerns and issues as straight people their attitudes change.

Erik Granlund said...

wow, these are really well made.

I must say I'm suprised. Most of the commercials/graphics/websites I've seen put together in the aftermath of this whole thing have lacked production qualities, these don't.

Glad I donated :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering our project. Next stop? The Super Bowl!
-John Ireland

Queers United said...

Get to know us, that would be wonderful. Is that already confirmed or just wishful thinking right now?

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