Friday, January 30, 2009

Network With Other Asexuals

The Asexuality Meetup Listing, provides for a listing of different asexual groups around the world, and people interested in the subject. Join a group, start your own, or collaborate with other asexuals in your area!


Stephen said...

I am still trying to figure out what being asexual has to do with being queer? I think, by definition, being queer means having same gender sex.

T. R Xands said...

I personally disagree that "queer" means just having same gender sex. Obviously, technically the definition of "queer" is just strange, but for me a queer person is anyone that falls outside the "normal" sex spectrum and I think asexuals do. That's just my personal opinion, also I'm glad that QU gives some focus to asexuals, without this blog and a few other asexual-focus blogs I would know next to nothing about asexuality.

And really, is it a big deal? This place is still largely GLBT-based anyway, why not give focus to some other groups that don't get as much attention?

Queers United said...

TR said it perfectly. Queer is an umbrella term based on identity, not necessarily sex. It is about sexual identity, and gender identity that varies from the typical heterosexual, male-female spectrum. Asexuals are very much a part of the queer spectrum.

Stephen said...

Hm Can't agree! Sorry. There are far too many letters in the alphabet soup already. Now we have LGBTQIA???? I am a strong advocate of inclusiveness but this is ridiculous. Seems like we decide to re-write the dictionary every time we want to address someone's issue. In my humble opinion, the queer community is about loving someone of the same gender. Good luck to the asexuals whomever they may be???? How many asexuals are there...really?

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