Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Urge Curry County, NM Commissioners Not to Impede Domestic Partnership Bill

New Mexico is considering senate Bill 12 and House Bill 21, which would make domestic partnership legal in New Mexico.

Curry County commissioners are trying to draft a document to the legislature stating their counties opposition to a domestic partnership bill.

“I just think that we need to stay with the traditional family values that we have in Curry County,” Chandler said.

Other commissioners cited heavy community opposition to same-sex marriage as the reason for their position on the resolution. (CNJ Online)
Please click here to email all the county commissioners and urge them not to impede the domestic partnership bills advancement within the state of New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Another example of the falsehood that its the word "marriage" that they oppose. They oppose up peroid.

Thalassa said...

e-mail sent. text was:
Dear Curry County Officials:

I encourage you to reconsider your opposition to domestic partnership for New Mexico residents. With all due respect to traditional family values, they are neither created nor destroyed by marriage. People who wish to have heterosexual, traditional relationships will still be free to do so if these bills pass. People who wish to live hedonistically will still be able to do so if these bills pass. What these bills assure is that same-sex persons who wish to socially and legally declare their intention to embrace family, commitment, and mutual respect will be able to do so. This is something they cannot currently do, and that is a terrible shame. It costs you, and the residents of New Mexico, absolutely nothing from your array of civil rights to allow these rights to extend to others. It is perfectly legal for pagan, atheist, childfree, or other non-traditional heterosexual couples to marry. There is no "traditional values" standard currently enforced by the state's marriage statutes, and thus no rational reason to deny the protection of analogous statutes to any citizen of the state.

Thalassa (ok, i signed my real name on the e-mail.)

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