Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Web Spotlight: Gay Trucker's Association

The Gay Trucker's Association (GTA) is an organization that was founded to meet the needs of those who work in the trucking industry and those who support and admire these professionals. Our organization welcomes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or experience level.


Unknown said...

want to be a trucker

Anonymous said...

then go be a truck driver

Anonymous said...

I meet a trucker once a week in a state run rest stop He is always ontime,always smells and tastes a little stale but its' a nice taste and oder. He fucks me, gentle to start but later I know I've been fucked. Why we have to hide I don't know. He nor I are efemenite, but we stay scared of being found out as we are both married men. If we are found out will any of these queers limited outfits help us?

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